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ones i made and contributions from others.

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Note: I don't fave very often, and when i do its very selective

Event/Con's attended/considering

GameaconNYC - thinking about it
E3 - California, LA > Jun 12, 2018 - Jun 14, 2018

Friend's from past & present (friend high scores?)

This list covers from the year 2008 - 2018

vvv-list of current friends-vvv

Erladino - 3 years together
position - friend, secret

(2 more people are in review to be added as friends, 5 month to 3 months has elapsed since)

vv-list of old friends-vv

Angel - 10 years together
Position - My first best friend, everything (possibly the sister that was never born, according to my mom)(honest creation of my OC)
left due to - to much TLC from me. (I was removed)

Star - 7 years together
Position - good friend
Left due to - AWOL for too long (family priority) (I removed)

Wish - 3 years together
Position - good friend, Art buddy
Left due to - Every attempt to help Wish led in failure despite all positives I had given (I removed)

Drake - 4 or 5 years
position - friend, father model
Left due to - given 3 chances all ended what felt like desertion, never really put forth the effort to show appreciation for my generosity, dishonest in specific aspects (I removed)

v-list of friends that fell of the face of the earth-v

Anesem - unknown
Position - weird dude
Left due to - unknown

Yuki - unknown
position - unknown
Left due to - unknown
It's been a little over a month since I moved back home, my surplus in funds is at a healthy point which is nice, been pretty busy fixing up the house and attempting to make it better than the man who left me and the family with it in poor condition and called it 'even' to include taking all the available funds, leaving me to emergency repair out of pocket before the ceiling could come crashing from above.. aside from that Ive been pretty resilient in staying hyped and happy, a lot of my past relationships have given me so much motivation to keep doing things around the house to better it.. there's just so much to do that I spend hours while every ones at work, only to return when im being a lazy bum on the couch playing games to recover x3.. I'm glad no ones given me any attitude for it, I get kinda harsh when im questioned for negative things when all I know is that ive been doing good things.. despite not finishing some things around the house I keep my self open for the family to just come from work and just tell me that they want to go somewhere, with out questions asked I take them to where ever they want to go (: ..

with the loss of so many friends, and the move back home, I feel I'm losing my touch with how to talk with others, Ive never been great anyways.. but I want to get better because recently my mothers side of the family is suffering due to one of my uncles being involved in a wreck and nearly leaving him crippled, to make things worse he was diagnosed with cancer that cant be fixed... being the new generation and from what Ive done, they look at me for some sort of happiness.. but I don't know how to provide that support efficiently.. possibly 23 hours ago my mother cried and sobbed due to the stress from work/fathers infidelity/afraid her brother wont make it.. after nearly 2 hours of her just letting everything pour out of her mind on me, I couldn't muster the strength to hug her, I didn't know what to say to her.. afraid that I would say something positive and in the long run not being true..

my mother left to visit him ASAP being afraid that today could have been his last day.. there has been no word of how long has has still.. I hope things go well for him.. but while my mother is away, ive been pushing to double progress at the house, that way she returns with nothing to worry about here at home.. for now..

worst part aside, I recently stopped getting bad dreams o: I wonder why..? its a good thing at least (: I want to keep drawing, but I'm kinda lost and I don't know what to draw..

Cali E3
Its near, and I'm so excited, it will be my first time.. Ive never really been able to go out on my own adventures so this one will definitely be a great one, I know for sure! I really want to see the switch smash bros prototype, and to makes things better I entered to compete, I don't plan to lose :3!!

aside from that I was planing to make a special offer to all of those going to E3 :D if you manage to identify me from what ill be having on me (possibly my OC or custom badge) feel free to say hi :D and if you have a devart do let me know! because if you do, I will be offering free full cell shaded sketches of your choice on a character! (one that you own) so if you spot me, give me as many details as possible! that way when i get home, ill draw your commission on post it here :D~

Yes, its still going, its with in 100 views left to reach the new mark! good luck guys, here is the journal entry for rules!
19,500 - 20,000 view mark gift (Kiriban)As you can see I'm getting near the 20k view mark, so as a thanks I will be giving away 2 free commissions  (sketched, colored, shaded, and BG's) why? well I never did one and I missed the 10k mark, so I will be looking for a note that captures the 19,500 view mark to make up for that! so if your the lucky one, please capture it!
19,500: Claimed by :iconGabthenostalgic: (won with "19,501" 1 hour expired)

20,000: Not claimed
1. this is the biggest one, capturing your page view! why? even if you miss one of the two points (19.5k or 20k) and no one shows proof of either, if you can show me you were 19,501 or 20,001 and so on, I will count that! (only if no one has captured it yet! Ill include a claim status on this post, if you see that its not been claimed yet) page view proof has priority over how soon you send your note! if two people send in the same page view proof ill be looking for the first note


Char1ika1's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hello and welcome to my page! please make your self at home in my colorless world :3

I try to post regularly when I come up with something, I love to draw cute and chubby things but at a very random chance, yes you can ask for art but my only thing is that I dedicate that stuff to my friends, I don't accept any form of payment.

I am a anti-social person due to my past, but don't be afraid to say hi, I am incredibly friendly and wont bite, the worst I can do is reply, and may thank you for helping me get over my social awkwardness, just please don't come to me with weird topics or gripes about the world if your brand new to me, it may stop me from replying x3 I wish to join some sort of OC convention! when ever i decide to get a suit =w=''...

I love to draw, play games, get lost in the world, and help others in any kind of way! (some restrictions apply)

I do have other platforms I mingle in a very RARE basis, so dont expect much from me if your new.

Skype:char1ika1 > I don't talk to any one on it, I'm thinking of closing it
steam:charmizar > I don't talk to any one on it, but play games!
Discord:charika#6423 > I talk to 1 or 3 people only
Kik:1ika1 > I don't talk to any one on it
Twitch > I do stream games and art on it rarely ( (no schedule available)
PS4 > I do play online
WiiU > I do have it, but will only play if some one wants to play
Switch > I do have it
Pokemon mystery universe > I am in-game and forums

I do love to watch Markplier, pewdiepie, Vinesauce, and Vargskeletor xD

Places Ive been to. (order means nothing, all are equal)
Flag: Puerto Rico by TheStampKing Flag: Nevada by TheStampKing Flag: New Mexico by TheStampKing Georgia (Country) Stamp by TitanB92 Flag: Afghanistan by TheStampKing Pakistan Stamp by Pansai Flag: Kuwait by TheStampKing Ireland's Flag by UsagiGami Icelandic flag stamp by TheEclecticOne Flag: Tennessee by TheStampKing 'Portugal Flag' Stamp by penaf Flag: Virginia by TheStampKing Flag of Turkey Stamp by xxstamps Algeria by LifesDestiny Flag of Niger Stamp by xxstamps Chadian Flag Stamp by xxstamps Flag of Kenya Stamp by xxstamps Somalia Stamp by deviant-ARAB Ethiopia's Flag by UsagiGami Uganda's Flag by UsagiGami Central African Republic's Flag by UsagiGami Djibouti Stamp by deviant-ARAB Greece Stamp by l8 Germany Stamp by l8 Northern Ireland Flag Stamp by l8 Canada Stamp by l8 Flag: Louisiana by TheStampKing Flag: Arizona by TheStampKing Flag: Georgia by TheStampKing Flag: Arkansas by TheStampKing Flag: Florida by TheStampKing Flag: Oklahoma by TheStampKing Texas State Flag Stamp by l8 Flag: Washington by TheStampKing Flag: Alaska by TheStampKing Flag: Hawaii by TheStampKing Flag of Laos Stamp by xxstamps Flag of Vietnam Stamp by xxstamps South Korea Flag Stamp by xxstamps Cambodian Flag Stamp by xxstamps Flag of Malaysia Stamp by xxstamps American Flag Stamp by xxstamps Flag of Mexico Stamp by xxstamps Flag of Nepal Stamp by xxstamps Flag of the Philippines Stamp by xxstamps Flag of India Stamp by xxstamps Flag of Thailand Stamp by xxstamps Japanese Flag Stamp by xxstamps


I hope things are still going well, that your getting love from your pets and family, and getting treated with amazing meals..

Love, Char.
xD mark tried to skip orville with Alt+F4 and failed (wait till after orville is done talking, you might catch something at the end)

any one want to play ssb wiiu with me D: ? i forgot i had devart as another medium to ask


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