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Welcome to the Character Design Challenge!

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Submitting to a Group's Gallery (Tutorial) by Stormful
CDC Badge by Stormful
May 2020: 1-10
CDCMay20 10 + 11 + 12 by Stormful
CDC May20 - 10 by excabluir
CDC #10 - Medan by Shadowkirby14
[CDC] Day 10, 11, 12 - Q'la, Kifofa, and Ita by Jaruis
May 2020: 11-20
CDC #20 - Twayblade by Shadowkirby14
May 2020: 21-30
CDC May 2020: Day 31 by Storm-Eris
CDC May20 - 31 by excabluir
CDC #31 - Lusitania by Shadowkirby14
CDC05.31.20: Heart of Mana Poster by ChaosComposer
January 2020
CDCJan2020: Day 31 by Silverladon
CDCJan2020: Days 30-31 by perplexingPariah
CDC01.28-29.20: Prim and Hya by ChaosComposer
CDC01.27.20: The Muse of Swords by ChaosComposer
January 2020 - LIGHT
CDC01.31.20: Cassandria by ChaosComposer
CDC01.30.20: Mask of Futility by ChaosComposer
CDCJan2020: Day 29 - The Judge by perplexingPariah
CDC 2020 Day 29 [Joseph] by WynautWarrior
January 2020 - DARK

Mature Content

CDC Jan2020 Day 31- Theo by gamerpainter
CDC 2020 Day 31 [Chibi Demon] by WynautWarrior
CDC 2020 Day 30 [Ozzy] by WynautWarrior
CDC Jan2020 Day 30- Nolan by gamerpainter
Sept19 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10
CDC Sep19 day 10: Wood Lady by Deterex525
September CDC day 10/11/12 by Theimmortalivan
CDC Sep 19 - 10 - Robo by Sparkleswords
CDCSept19 Bushboi 10 - 11 by Stormful
Sept19 11-12-13-14-15-16-17-18-19-20
CDC Sep19 Day 20: Brazilian Samba Flower Gal by Deterex525
CDCSept19 Bushboi 20 (placeholder) by Stormful
CDC Sep 19 - 20 - Another Cyborg by Sparkleswords
Sept19 21-22-23-24-25-26-27-28-29-30
CDC Sep19 Day 30: Forest Dragon by Deterex525
[CDC Sep19] Day 30 - (WIPWOP) Moyolehuani by Alyxsandre
CDC Sep 19 - 30 - La Capitan by Sparkleswords
May19 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10
[CDC May 19] Day 10 [[TDWF Purified Slime]] by Alyxsandre
May19 11-12-13-14-15-16-17-18-19-20
[CDC May 19] Day 20 [[A Masquerade Monster]] by Alyxsandre
May19 21-22-23-24-25-26-27-28-28-30-31
CDCMay20 22 + 23 by Stormful
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CDCJan2018 11+12+13 by Stormful
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Oct17 1-2-3-4-5-6
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Oct16 10-11-12
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Oct16 19-20-21
CDC Oct21: Qwikflyy by Raddatoons
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Oct16 28-29-30-31
Oct31 by xrsjaru
Jun16 1-2-3
CDC Day 3: Gay Book Worm by SweetSilentSoul
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January 1-3 by JourneyArcher
[CDC] October 1st: Geesy Mcart by Frennchy
Day 1 - Luxford the Lamp by TheFlippmeister
And that wraps up this May 2020 CDC! Here's the winners this month, congrats all you new guys and veterans!
:iconroytheboy1213: :iconshadowkirby14: :iconcajamapat: :iconstorm-eris: :iconexcabluir: :iconmokuzuu: :iconjaruis: :iconchaoscomposer: :iconmoxiemooo: :iconstormful: :iconjettersfreak: :iconperplexingpariah: :iconspeedydoggo: :iconnights2dreams:
And unfortunately, we also have those who Hogan will keep a tight grasp on!
:iconowlet-knight: :iconsteedangus: :iconraddaman8000: :iconicecreampizzer: :iconclassydove: :iconkoeskull: :iconshibishib:
Thank you all so much for accompanying us on this journey. With what was said in the previous journal, CDC's future is uncertain, but we hope to one day be back designing characters some day. I wish you all good luck in 2020 and onward, be safe and stay healthy in these trying times.
For Prizes and Best Design of the Month, please read below carefully.
Prizes: Those who lost the challenge owe only the Winners a doodle. Examples: +
Below in the comments section, comment in bold < b> what you want drawn as a prize. (It's typical to ask for a character of yours from this month) If Winners do not list what they want, then they'll miss out on a prize! Please comment here so it's easier to find for those who owe art.
Do NOT pester the losers for your prize. This is an honor system. Let them work at their own pace.
Best Design of the Month: In your comment below with what you want drawn, (this is for the losers, too!) Comment what you think was your best, most memorable design this month! That's right, tell us which one you're most proud of! Please link to only one!
On the 15th of this month, the second part of this vote will go. (To actually cast your votes!)
Voting for Best Design!
To vote for best design of the month, please choose between 1-2 designs below in the comments section that others have posted, and Note them to this group! You cannot vote for yourself!  The winner will be chosen near the end of this month. Remember to choose the design they listed as their favorite, not the one they want drawn! (unless they listed the same for both)


Gold Gear Pixel by Stormful INFO & RULES Gold Gear Pixel by Stormful

Small Gold Gear by Stormful HOGAN'S LIST Small Gold Gear by Stormful

✦    ✦    ✦    ✦

The specific date challenges are here! Only a couple for this month.

◢ May 10th ◣
Create a character that is invisible to the naked eye...

◢ May 15th ◣
Design a character that come from outer space!

◢ May 20th ◣
Design a character that is made entirely of yarn or sewing materials!

◢ May 30th ◣
Take one of your new designs from this month, and either redesign them, make a character ref sheet for them, or poses and stuff!

◢ May 31st ◣
Take one of your new designs from this month, and either redesign them, make a character ref sheet for them, or poses and stuff!

If you're having trouble making the due date, try this:

- Try to avoid submitting one design per day. It's easier to get them out in bunches.
- Attempt making group designs to save time! A mob of villains, a gang of super heroes, or two characters who are opposite to each other. Submitting multiple characters in one image will help with shaving off some time and pressure.
- Not every design needs to be perfect and beautiful. Don't stress yourself. Finished is more admirable over perfect, so don't worry if your design doesn't look good enough. You can always revisit them someday, and perfect them later!

Remember, the deadline you have to submit your design is  (12:00 AM EST) Eastern Standard Time, and there is a timer on the front page in case you need help timing yourself!

✦    ✦    ✦    ✦

CDC May header drawn by @MooseGutstheThird !
Gold Gear Pixel
:thumb789023799: INFO & RULES ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________
:thumb789025703: HOGAN'S LIST :thumb789025703: ___________________________________________________________
CDC 2020 May is now CLOSED for sign ups!
Welcome to CDC May 2020!
I've got 2 serious topics to discuss before we begin: 1: Eclipse is nearly here, it sucks, and please bear with me I'm trying to make this journal using the new eclipse layout and this is not user friendly for me <small>(I've been using classic DA for 13 years so this is driving me insane) </small> (where is the preview button to even check if the journal is ok to submit??) 2: May CDC 2020 will be the last CDC that is held.
Yes, this CDC will be the final CDC for multiple reasons. The eclipse change is going to rock DA in most likely a negative way; expecting many users to bounce. (most users have already left) Myself as the host- I've got too many things to manage/deal with irl and online, and sadly CDC is going to be one of the things to cut. Even as a 3-times a year project, I can barely find time to create the journals and manage the members. I myself will still be creating 30 designs and submitting them to the related folder each year, but I'm going to tap out from running the group and close it altogether. CDC might return in the future in a different location, maybe, but we'll see what happens when it does.
Name your very first character in the comments below to let us know you're ready to sign your soul away for the CDC May Challenge of 2020.
- All CDC standard rules STILL APPLY! Do not be late, and create new content!
The list will slowly fill up over on the HOGAN'S LIST journal, so be patient until the 30th! When you're on the list, we will invite you to the group, so make sure to accept the invite before the 30th. You can jump off the list at anytime, as long as it's before the first of May. :thumb646704181::thumb646704181:
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