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August 1, 2014
Winter Soldier by ChaoyuanXu
A marvelous Captain America fan art. The concept and the colors work very well together, and the composition is amazing!
Featured by Ry-Spirit
Suggested by EeNii
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Winter Soldier

All hail Hydra!
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"The gleam of bladed moon
the screams of blood released
I try to keep it out
but then I see my dark renewed
A hideous dark, sticky and red
A death song, a dirge sung over my head."
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the film's that came later never seemed to address the fact that Bucky killed a LOT of people. the only one to get a bad wrap was Tony, for some reason.
Wooow! Great work!
agathor94's avatar
Freacking awesome dude!
AdmiraIVi's avatar
Hail Hydra! *insert agents of sheild spoilers*
zzxx00's avatar
This piece of work is so amazing!!! Love it!! Really need to know whether the illustrator has a Lofter account or not? Or is it open to re-post on the Lofter and the source of deviantart and the name of the illustrator would be attached definitely?
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It's a perfect combination of epic-ness, beautiful-ness, and Bucky all in one AMAZING ART PIECE!!!! :D
630Designs's avatar
Very NICE!!! Love the shield breaking up.
GothxLuciole's avatar
fantastic, I'm in love with this.
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Your work has been featured on my group DesignYourDreams :) : here !
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excellent work and a well-deserved DD :thumbsup:
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Nice pic of Bucky errrr i mean Winter Solider. ;)
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I literally just got done watching that movie like two minutes ago, and then I see this! XD

It loos beautiful. You did an amazing job.
Ismarus's avatar
This is amazing! And the shield in the background is so cool!
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Gorgeous work!
I love it you really capture his mystery and personality
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BUCKY ;W; <3

great job i love this so much!
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Whoooaaa... what just happened here? 0__0  Why all dem dead people?!  And why is the Captain looking like he did it?!?!  AAArrrggghh!  This is so good, though.....
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Love this fanart, it looks amazing. :D
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