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The Misty Wood

The Mists Wood is a place engulfed by impenetratable mists. Even the compass cannot work here. Never walk alone in the forest. You are warned.
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Ominous, ancient beauty

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Love the details!
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Geez, a buck-load of work must have gone into this. It looks absolutely awesome! Just wow 
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Very cursed looking. It could be a bit darker!
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haunting and beautiful
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Beautiful image. Mysterious, forbidding, a suggestion of enchantment. Using blue for the forest's hue is a nice touch.
michaelhardcore13's avatar
touché! friend touché!
peripiscean's avatar
Enchanting and mysterious, love it :)
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It it really awesome and beautiful,it makes you be on the picture,i love the way you draw.Keep going :)
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Great brooding forest.
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Amazing. Very realistic.
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This picture sends shivers down my spine.
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This is spectacular!
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uau so amazing and rich in details!
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Slenderman fears these woods.
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Beautiful work. Very well done.
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:clap: Beautiful landscape !!
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Pretty cool image!

Featured you here:

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beautiful,as always!
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Beautiful. I love that curving tree!
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