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Ride The Cloud

This is an art dedicates to Warcraft, one of my favorite games:

She came at his call. Her elegant body gleamed under the sun's gaze. She moved with grace, as the beauty and wisdom incarnate. They would ride. Ride the cloud, against the wind, and bring peace to the sky of the mystic Pandaria.
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At that moment,Shen Rui came to a revelation. Focused on the mountain he was climbing for days,his sight ignored the heavens. From there,a majestic being approached him. But it was no stranger to him. What he stared at,was a mirror to his own soul. He mounted the dragon and together they soared through eternity.
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It's  beautiful :D
Magic! :)
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this is just beautiful!
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My first cloud serpent was the azure one. I don't know what it is, but I actually have a very emotional connection to that mount. It could be because of the quests you go through to get to exalted with The Order, since you get to see your hatchling grow almost in real time. Something that gets lost after you get the commendation that boosts your rep on future characters (I ended up getting exalted in 2 days the second time I did Order dailies). Out of all the cloud serpents I have, the azure one will always be my favorite.
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This is gorgeous!
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amazing!!!! one of the best wow art piece!
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Now that's a beautiful dragon. O.O
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Absolutely stunning
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Stunning amazing i have no other words for this!
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Your artwork has been featured: [link]
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I was just riding my new cloud serpent today and thinking how absolutely gorgeous the area looks. You added a new level of gorgeousness to it. Beautiful <3
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Very impressive! :)
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Oh my god.. I'm literally picking my jaw from the floor. Awesome artwork.. such attention to detail..
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Very nice use of colours. I love the highlights here. Very well done!
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I wasn't searching for this kind of picture at all but I couldn't take off my eyes. so BEAUTIFUL !
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so you can post it on ubi's official forum to make it happen lol
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