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Mass Resurrection

Calls down the light to resurrect your fallen ally!

This is a WOWTCG art I did for Raid Deck - The Caverns of Time.
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Sep 8, 2012, 1:12:42 AM
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Schoes's avatar
Woah this so gorguous!! I almost want to say that i wanna die like that xd it looks so safe and peacefull :33
Safe and peaceful? These are soldiers who got killed in battle. So youre saying you want your body to be mutilated by an Orc or torn to pieces by a Demon? Ok.
Cosmisia's avatar
Stunning work.  I love this such beautiful scenery and the shield tucked in the side where it fell on their defeat. 
Demialc-neeb-sah-em's avatar
I wounder what they wiped against...
iizel's avatar
And now I kind of miss WoW
Beautiful art.
CythIthera's avatar
This is gorgeous. Great job! ^_^
SilvaOwl's avatar
Aww, so beautiful <3
Jimpaw's avatar
fantastic. Love the details in the trees.
DavidBaron's avatar
This was not an easy card and you pulled it off great. Resurrection cards are never easy!
jtrox57's avatar
technically necromancy
Avaken's avatar
Actually, it's only necromancy if they're a) resurrected by unholy powers; and/or b) they're resurrected as [generally unwilling] slaves. Otherwise, it's considered a miracle.
jtrox57's avatar
holy or not, it's twisted and one sided xD
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