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Jack and Elsa, the frost couple

Think of it, if only Jack met Elsa...
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I remember when I literally watched jelsa everything

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Oh my God, this is so beautiful! Love it! <3

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Jack Frost X Elsa X Jack And The Cukoo Clock Heart
But this is REALLY good! Great job! 
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While not a favourite ship of mine, this is still a beautiful picture. The backgrounds, the lighting, the shading, the colouring, the details is gorgeous. Great job.
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Such a lovely couple
Disney and dream works 💕
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Well, this will be my laptop's wallpaper for quite a while. It's AWESOME. Absolutely beautyfull. Love it.
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Wow.... I love the amount of thought and detail that went into this. If this were a print I'd buy it, and I'm cheap. Lol. The background and Elsa's cape are gorgeous, and the whole picture is just amazing! :D
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Love this! I really wished this were canon. :(
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I can't see them suddenly getting into a relationship, but I always thought Jack had more control over his powers than Elsa. Thought that if they had met, Jack could of helped her learn control without freaking herself out. Like, if she accidentally shot cold magic at him, he might just shake it off and be like "Lesson number 1 has been found." Her parents should of brought Jack over to teach her, not have her shut out from the world. Anyways this is great! LOL love the picture. :D
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If only....
They would be PERFECT! Marvelous job!
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That is some beautiful artwork.
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Oh, it is perfect Love I love it!
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Outstanding work! :wow: :clap:
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Very beautiful painted, impressive and fabulous!
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quite outstanding work :love: 
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My OTP <3 Gorgeous work 
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Best duet in Disney
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*whispers* But Jack isn't Disney... he's from Dreamworks...
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Ouh... I forgot to put that one...
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