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Farewell to Windows XP

By ChaoyuanXu
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The sky is clear and the grass is green. You have accompanied us for many years. And now it's time for you to enjoy a retired life. I bid you farewell, dear friend.
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Randamu-ChanHobbyist General Artist
:' (
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StaceyJulAlexandriaHobbyist Writer
So cool!
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squirtleoshawott461Student General Artist
XP has followed me for years...
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OuterSpaceGoldfishHobbyist General Artist
Faster than the speeding light, she's flying...
Trying to remember, where it all began!
She's got herself a little piece of heaven,
Waiting for the time when Earth shall be as one!

(From "Ray Of Light" used in the Windows XP Commercial back in 2001)
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koka-cocaHobbyist General Artist
what an interesting concept.
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JoelWhiteProfessional Digital Artist
Wow, from the thumbnail, not reading the title, I thought this looked a lot like a Windows pic. Very nice job :)
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dem feels
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thesecondsaiProfessional Digital Artist
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For some reason NES emulators work best on XP.
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Randamu-ChanHobbyist General Artist
Is that Miku?
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ShaneNewvilleProfessional Filmographer
Windows XP. You will live on forever in our hearts.
It actually still lives on one of my PCs. Certain software only works on the older machines.
I would not have been able to complete Megaman X Fanimation if it wasn't for XP:…
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OhthehumanityplzHobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the nostalgia of a os I still use. Though I know I will have to update later when the time calls for it.
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ZelorxonHobbyist General Artist
Actually the sky is blue, blue screen of death tone.
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IboomX3Student General Artist
Wow such creativity! Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I don't want to leave you, but I have to. They insist that I leave you. It is not safe, or as they say. They won't support you, because they only care about younger generations.

I......must go to who they will support. I may try to make her like you, or I may get saddened trying. There will never be a replacement.

We will meet again. I promise. I don't have the resources now, but some day. You will be supported, not by them, but by us just like previous generations. So keep a cheerful face, until we meet again!
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chiakiARTHobbyist Digital Artist
simple yet so pretty!
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WordupProfessional Photographer
simply brilliant
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A beautiful and deserved tribute! The Windows XP, together with the Windows 98, was the O.S. that more pleased me.
The W7 also this one going well, but I recognize the XP like something that will be greatly missed, a reference of good product.
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tsarinvisibleHobbyist Digital Artist
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sweetangel0467Professional Digital Artist
T_____T the memories..
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I'm not sure if you made it on purpose though, I like how the road resembles the taskbar a bit.
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It's all on purpose! :)
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xXAngels-DelightXxHobbyist Traditional Artist
God how I will miss Windows XP...
I still remember the days when I used to use only paint to draw...
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