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He never faltered. It's a defiance to the tyranny. 
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I created this account with the sole purpose of congratulating your work!!!!!!!! AWESOME DUDE!!!!!!!!!
This was the best design for Assassin Creed China story.

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i Like the assassin outfit
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This is so fkfokfiijaf cool! COOOOOORU!
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Невероятно красиво 
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I love your work, especially the Chinese influenced AC art! Keep 'em coming!
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Ezio, ah I love him
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THIS IS AMAZING!¨!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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love the confident stand
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I'd air assassinate to play Assassin's Creed looking like this! :heart:
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Love your AC artwork. I was annoyed to hear the next setting was France. I think it will be good, however familiar to the previous instalments. I was hoping they would eventual see your deviant art page and go for this setting and time in History! Can't wait for your next piece. :)
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I don't really think it's considered bravery when you outclass the people you are fighting so you could even win a battle that's 100 to 1.

Is a UFC fighter brave when he beats up a 12 year old who picked on a 6 year old?

Like, at least the Halo trailers had the good grace to show Master Chief get knocked on his ass a few times.  The Ass Creed trailers are some of the biggest macho-fantasy plays I've seen, even compared to shite like CoD.
The irony is that in the Assassin's Creed lore, the Chinese Templars were dominant to an extent that'd probably make other nations' Templar branches jealous...

Also, AC Unity interestingly enough splits the difference -- in at least one trailer Arno has help (both the crowd and at least three other Assassins), while in gameplay supposedly he's also individually toned down compared to prior Assassins (if still individually superior to any single guard... emphasis on single).
those would be lithe newer AC trailers I don't really think the first trailer was a "macho-fantasy" all Altair did was assassinate his target and then he ran and hid. But you are completely right I don't really like trailers like that. It's like whenever I see that stuff the invincibility star music just keeps playing in my head on an endless loop.
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cool, I want theme to make an assassins creed like this so badly...
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Chinese Assassin!
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I'm not familiar with Assasin's Creed, but this looks so cool. Time for an epic showdown... like the calm before the storm.
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Well to make a long story short the Assassin Order was created to be the shining example of good in humanity. They are the types of people that dedicated themselves to end greed, evil, corruption, and just about anything of the sort, basicly somewhat like vigilantees. The Templars on the other hand are the exact oposite, i belive they are based on many secret organizations, like the Illuminati, where they only care about control, order, and they often twist it as ''peace'', which is a fancy way of saying that they want to control humanity in a new world order. The games capture the essence of conspiracy theories and just how low humanity can go, where the ones that seem to be good guys are the bad guys, and they try to spin it arround the other way, through media, and others. the assassin's are viewed as underdogs, rebels, but they are infact the ones that are right in the end. Obviously its an ongoing thing, but this image captures that perfectly. It depicts one man, preparing to fight many. and thats one of the messages of AC, is that anyone can change the world.
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