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Colossus Guardian - Phase 2

This is an illustration for a TCG called 《Legend of the Cryptids》 by Applibot.

AS the heroes keep running, the colossus turned into full rage mode. It's body started to breath fire as the ground splintered open!
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The freaking detail! 😍
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Omg but this is Deus Machina ! I always loved the way you designed him ! 
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Deus Ex Machina I think :)
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reminds me to Ormagöden of Brutal legend
I thought this was monster hunter for a second
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huzzah for duex~!
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Has any one ever told you that ur a BADASS!!!
AesirMaster's avatar
has a definite Hellfire Engine feel from the D&D Fiendish Codex II: Tyrants of the Nine Hells
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whoa, that's awesome! :nuu:
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omg this is massive!
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is that the same typo from Lord of the rings??
looks awesome.
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quite awesome and epic if I say so.
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Shit got serious!!! run biatchessss
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