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Assassin's Creed Series

By ChaoyuanXu
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A series of full art of my work over Assassin's Creed fan art.
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I would love to see an Assassin's Creed game set in Ancient China; but I highly doubt Ubisoft would see it done. They'd rather concentrate on a period of history where everyone knows or at least have heard of in books, shows or history classes. After the Cultural Revolution, most of China's ancient history had been destroyed by the Red Guards in their efforts to wipe out the old and bring in the new. And most Western countries tend to shy away from Eastern cultures, the only thing they may know is the downfall of the Qing Dynasty thanks to the Boxer Rebellion and the Siege of Peking where the Eight Nation Alliance scored a victory - and the Three Kingdoms thanks to Dynasty Warriors. 

When Creative Assembly announced their next historical title 'Three Kingdoms' last year it was met with mixed reactions, some were thrilled that Ancient China was finally getting recognized on the gaming world while others booed them for creating an Asian setting when they wanted the next series to focus on Medieval Europe. But some had changed their perspective when more history is shown about that particular time period, and Three Kingdoms has gained support since then. Perhaps Ubisoft may now try to head in the same direction since if Assassin's Creed was to be set in has to be on an open world.
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testabuddy05Student Digital Artist
assassins creed in ancient china
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all of it, awesome...nuff said..
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Excellent work.
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KhalianHobbyist General Artist
I really love the atmosphere on the ancient chinese pictures, would make wonderful game art for actual production.
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Bersekers1Student Traditional Artist
Why haven't they done the ancient china assassins yet, it would be sooo amazing! That said, I love your work : D
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Maybe it would feel like a ninja game more than assassin creed. Well that's what I seen so far why people wouldn't want it, but it would be amazing.
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Bersekers1Student Traditional Artist
Considering they've been making the same game over and over we'd think they would know what they were doing but with the incredibly buggy start of "Unity" I'd think I'd just prefer the pure development of gameplay and stealth apart from becoming a 'God of War that has slaughtered hundreds of soldiers in a minute with nothing but counters' cause you know- "Assassins".
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Well the new Xbox mag it stated while they're working on the next watch dogs they're handing the next assassin creed to another unknown company as we know now. Hopefully they do something new, from chine, Japan, or maybe even more into the time line as the war of 1812, Civil war, ww1 and ww2. Cold war maybe. And I do hope they make it into 'use stealth or get your ass kicked' type of stealth game. That and enough with all this memory crap.

And Unity, I believe they took all this out and was buggy was because of the new Co-po and customization. Plus I think they may have focused a lot more on rouge.
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Oooo love the AC3 and AC4 artwork! 
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eygnephHobbyist Digital Artist
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LunaClareHobbyist Digital Artist
They're beautiful but why does it seem like the image file is in really bad quality?
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Ludwig-JonesHobbyist Digital Artist
There needs to be an assassins creed in japan, ninjas man. ninjas. its too perfect of an opportunity. 
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SakucristyStudent General Artist
<font><font>It´s very beautiful.</font></font>
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OH MY GOD.... These drawings are so beautiful..
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DanChan123Student Artist
What historical time period is this?

Yuan Dynasty China with Red Turban Rebellion (Fight Mongols)
China 1600s-1700s Qing Dynasty(Fight Empererors and Foreigners)
Feudal Japan (Samurai and Stuff)

I would choose Japan, but I’m pretty sure Ubisoft would go with Qing Dynasty China or Mongol.

Desmond ain’t asian, so this would go well with a different character. Ubisoft should really do some Asian stuff.
Elements for a game with this work:
-Naval battles/Travel with junks and torch funnels (torch funnel: flamethrower's ancestor) (Asian Black Flag…sorta)
-Excellent for scaling cities, now with curved roofs
-More adaptive/controlled combat in certain situations (Like those duels or martial artiness)
-More variety for weapons, both ancient melee and foreign made firepower. Mix ninja with pirate.
-More ninja stealth
-River Battles on riverboats
-Disguises (Nobleman, Servant, or Peasant)
-Chinese Assassin’s actually don’t use hidden blades (AC: Embers); instead, they use poisoned throwing needles. In the game, they should have both hidden blades AND throwing needles
-Synchronize with “wanted”-papers. This was used in 1800s though, but I think its ok.

-Noodles (There’s no Asia without noodles!)
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Foreign made gunpowder? Why? Didn't gunpowder originate in China, during the Song dynasty?
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DanChan123Student Artist
Foreign gunpowder was better than China’s. I meant foreign firepower arms, like muskets and stuff.
Anyway, I’m currently writing a fic on AC set in Asia, so I came here for some visual inspiration.
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Huh. Learn something new everyday. Is yours also set in China, or somewhere else in Asia? What time period?
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AnjyBanjyHobbyist Artist
The balance between light and dark and the angles your art captures are just so breathtaking TT.TT <--- *tears of awe*
(Okay.. yeah... just wanted to say I love your art XD)
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Absolutely wonderful!! I love it!! Now stalking your whole portfolio... ;)
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really amazing and awesome work!really really love this! KUTGW~! :happybounce: 
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ChouuuProfessional Digital Artist
Genius! You are freaking awesome! ;D
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This is a classic case of "FUND IT"
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