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Assassin's Creed - As the Weather Turns Cold

The weather had turned cold as he glimpsed over the river. After tonight, everything would be different.
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AminAbootalebi's avatar
Masterpiece! I love it.
Moonlight-Subaru3's avatar
Just amazing art ! Really great ! Thank you very much =D
UnsoundMrBlaze's avatar
Love it! I honestly do not have any better words to describe this.
AliaSapien's avatar
Your description makes it even more epic!
TheCelestialDemoness's avatar
Amazing work on the detail, I really enjoy the traditional oriental style painting
HodgeThePodge's avatar
Awesome work as always
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lupino-engie's avatar
wow that script looks like mongolian traditional script
Lyle127A's avatar
Your piece of art is pretty good. It's much like chinese or japanese style.
Devon-Von-Howard's avatar
This is a magnificent piece! Outstanding details and the sheer talent. The title befits the scenery. Great job. =)
Quinstiff's avatar
scarletcougar's avatar
That is gorgeous!
FantasyRebirth96's avatar
Awesome Work! This is really Great!
Thorraxe's avatar
beautifully done^^
ArmoredBomb's avatar
Would love to buy a print!
Hntpo's avatar
Gives off a great feeling :)
Rima12's avatar
Nice art btw :)
BeardoMan's avatar
 But, sadly we all have to realize that Ubisoft is too inept to do this. At least, if I remember, they said they weren't.
Ubisoft has never officially weighed in on a pre-modern Chinese Assassin's Creed beyond Chronicles: China (Shao Jun's story is Ming Dynasty, this artist's descriptions have been referencing the Tang Dynasty) and they only officially rejected pre-modern Japan and WWII.
masterpug13's avatar
I love this quite a bit. It is very peaceful in a lot of ways. What I am missing is the iconic hawk-edge on the cowl. Also the Assassin symbol. Granted, I don't think many of the new assassins actually wear the symbol on them. Maybe I am losing the hawk-rim in the silhouette somewhere? In any event, this is very well executed. 
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