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Assassin's Creed - Another Tale, chapter 8

He paced on the plain of the blossomed flora. The memory of her poured into his mind. Even after all these years, the regrettable end of the incident still haunted him.
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Remind me of this scene from inkheart, but with a more depressing end

quick qestion. just found this pic on 'MrSuicideSheep' and i was wondering if there is a fanfiction to this art? (because of the "chapter 8" in the name)
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same here!!! I think this is not a fanfiction stuff. Pictures ordered by number, here chapter 7 for example: Assassin's Creed - Another Tale, chapter 7
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So awesome.

Can I use to on Twitter's header ?
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Is there a version of this without the Assassin's Creed logo? This is a fantastic piece.
This is a logo-removed version edited with Photoshop by myself.
Assassin  S Creed Without Logo by gameplayethan  
This would be a really epic dual monitor wallpaper. any chance we could get a 3840x1080 or 3840x1440 res version?
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So beautiful !
Thanks to MrSuicideSheep to show me this !
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I saw this beautiful artwork on a song from suicide sheep, seriously I love it so much it's inspiring
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Is there a 1600 x 900 version of this possibly without the logo?
It would be my perfect wallpaper.
Thank you so much if you can help me, if not ='(
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Seriously Emotional piece of art!     :o (Eek)     Love    I'm on fire!    I think I've fainted. 
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It's one of the most beautiful artwork i have ever seen :o
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Cool in which program did you did this? (bad eng)
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YES!  At last I found you!
I had found a crop of this artwork by coincidence on a youtube video.
Your signature wasn't on it and I wasn't able to trace it back to you at the time
It's been on my computer desktop since, as I find it so inspiring and beautiful. 

And today, again by coincidence, I found it again on another youtube music video, but this time you were credited for it and I was led here!

Thank you for your art
It is beautiful, a real delight for the eyes!
I'm glad I found you
so now I can enjoy even more of your art <3
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"..........Who We Want to Be.........-Tom Day"
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beautiful artwork !
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"Who we want to be"
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Chaoyuan, although this thought has been in my mind since 2012, your character is actually a partial representation of him.... if you see a show in the future by this name, just think of this comment, "amethyst eyes..."
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Chaouyan, if you havent thought of a name for this guy, then just remember this one...Zonoitan.... in the future, if you are to see it, this will be his name. just look for amethyst eyes...
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Oh how I wish for your concept to become a reality someday... would be so incredible...
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