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I like drawing OCs in different fandoms I love. I'm kind of a geek as I tend to become completely obsessed over series I like and then spend hours of my time watching and searching all about it. I'm going to draw a lot of different characters and such from several different series that has taken a precious spot in my heart. :D Also feel free to write me about anything, because I find it nice to chat with people

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Fairy Tail

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Stamp: Katakuri x Rose by Chaoussu

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Hot Day
Well then it is summer time and the heat is on (quoting a cartoon character, though I can't remember which, just know I heard it watching a cartoon... I think). Since it is getting hotter it is time to go to the beach, wear your swimsuit and take a swim. However Esther can't swim so here she is instead standing and trying to look at the sun's direction instead.

Mini Story:
It was an ordinary summer day on the ship, humid, warm with the sun shining down. Many of the other crewmates liked the change in the weather, however they were also the ones without any fur to keep them warmer than currently needed. Esther, Gailton and Earnest were beginning to die from heat strokes and Falia had tried to help them using cold drinks and ice cream, but it didn't help their situation. She ended up crying, until she thought of another solution. She normally wouldn't allow them access, but since it was too hot for them, she mentioned that the cooler was nicely big and cool and she would allow them access to it, as long as they didn't touch the food. In a hurry they went to the cooler, however due to Earnest's massive size, there weren't room enough for them all. Seeing that Gailton and Earnest were completely covered in fur, Esther decided to tell them to cool down in the cooler, as she had less fur than them. The two didn't want to, because she was the captain and so they thought she should have the rights to relax, but she threw that back at them and made it the captain's order that they were to enter the cooler. They then reluctantly entered leaving her outside to roast, but it was then that Rouge saw Esther feeling the heat. Rouge then brought Esther and old bikini she could borrow to lessen the amount of clothes she had on and suddenly it was all better. She still felt hot around the parts where she had fur, but at least she wasn't dying from the heat.

One Piece belongs to Oda Eiichiro
Wonderberg D. Esther belongs to me

Credits to :iconkendypun: who made this amazing art work and outfit EVERYONE LOOK THEM UP!

Btw I will be leaving for Croatia tomorrow, so won't be submitting anything, unless the web is good, so see ya!
Returning the Bottle

After the fight against Doflamingo, the Strawhats, Law and their allies rest for the day and get ready to leave the day after. On his way to the ships, Law encounters Sengoku who wanted a little chat with him about Corazon/Rosinante. Once Sengoku had said all he wanted and heard Law's answers and quesitons, the two part. On his way to the port, he spots the bottle that he gave Mireille alongside Lami, when they were kids and picks it up. Around the same time, he sees Mireille looking frantically around. Law quickly deduces that she must be looking for the bottle and hands it over to her. Happy she attaches new beads/capsules onto it and asks Law if he can help her get it back on. Law in return gives out a sigh and complies, before putting the newly made necklace onto her.

Law:           "Oi, Tenshi-ya. Are you looking for this?"
Mireille:      "AH! THE BOTTLE! Where did you find it?"
Law:           "I found it on my way to the port"
Mireille:      "Thank goodness!! I thought I'd lost it!"
Law:            "Why is it here?"
Mireille:      "Ah! Law, don't misunderstand or anything, I didn't try to lose it! It is just that I used my special drug and well lost it alongside my conciousness and well... I AM SO SORRY! I'LL TAKE BETTER CARE OF IT!"
Law:           *SIGH* "You don't have to apologise. What you do with it, is your own choice"
Mireille:      "Don't say that! You and Lami gave me this at my first birthday on Flevance! It is really important to me!"
Law:            *Smirk*
Mireille:       "Anyway can you help me put it back on?"
Law:            "Can't you do it yourself?"
Mireille:       "After using my special drug, my limbs tend to get slightly numb, so I don't have a good enough control to put it on right now"
Law:            *SIGH* "Okay turn around"
Mireille:       "THANKS LAW!"

    The background and Trafalgar D. Water Law belong to Oda Eiichiro
    Mireille Aya belongs to me

    Background is a scene from One Piece episode 742 "The Bond Between Father and Daughter - Kyros and Rebecca!"
Live 1st - Smiling Suncatcher
:iconmoon-rise-academy: :iconmoon-rise-academy: :iconmoon-rise-academy:

Idol(s): Wakana Kelsey, Kizuna Tomoe & Styles Cassidy
School: Moonrise Academy
Song: Smiling Suncatcher
Appeal: Marine Style
Prism Play 

Extra Story:

The sun shone on the clear stage at the beach, a light wind blew softly on the beach, creating small waves near the hot sand. Kelsey, Cassidy and stood before it all, ready to perform before a beach full of people, their audience. This was a first, more of a first for Tomoe, but a first for them all. None of them had performed a live as a group before. Kelsey had been sonewhat close, as she had performed in the choir and school musicals before, but she never once had to learn complicated moves together with others and had to coordinate them well whilst also harmonizing with them, while singing. It was more taxing than, what the seasoned singer had ever thought, before she asked them to make a unit with her. Somehow she started feeling more nervous than ever. She felt the weight of shouldering not only the responsibility of her own performance, but also her two dearest friends'. Somehow it managed to weaken and frigthen her, even more than ever. So much that her usual words couldn't get through to her. Cassidy wasn't and Tomoe were nervous too, thinking about how each of them better not make too obvious mistakes, because if they did, it would reflect poorly on the live and all three of them. Furthermore this time you couldn't just pretend. In the case you made a mistake while dancing or singing, you couldn't just make a mistake and pretend it was on purpose, because it would be visible just by looking at the other two, what the choreography and lyrics should really be.

The sweat rose and a mild shaking arose, everyone knew, what they each were thinking, especially Tomoe, who has always been good at reading their faces. She shoke even more than the other two, as she felt less confident than them. Last time they performed together Cassidy and Kelsey were in the front playing on their instruments while dancing as well, they've had more experience dancing in synch than her, furthermore she was in the front this time. It was a precaution in case she made a mistake, the other two could do something to make it less visible. This fact only made her more conscious and nervous, but unlike Kelsey, she had one skill, she could use here. The skill of acting. Tomoe took in a deep breath, smaked her cheeks and looked up with a determined look. She put on a brave and happy smile, acting as if she was fine and then jumped the two whilst grabbing onto each their shoulder saying:

"Well nothing else to do, but get on there and perform. if we suceed, we suceed, if we fail, we fail. It won't be the end of the world, remember? Those were the words you guys told me, when I failed the audition. I might've not gotten the roles, but there will be a next time and another time, I should just try till I succeed right? We'll just practise more next time and nail it! So let's focus on now and just have the same fun, we had last time we performed together"

She laughed. Tomoe actually laughed right there. The two couldn't believe her calm, but they felt that it wasn't 100% genuine. She was nervous, yet she still wanted to help reassure her friends, just like they once reassured her. Somehow they felt odd having the most childish one of the group act the most mature at this moment. Both Cassidy and Kelsey breathed out a sigh and then giggled a bit before walking towards the stage, with all three of them carrying bright smiles. It was time to start the show.

Lyrics Colors:
  • Kelsey - Blue
  • Tomoe - Yellow
  • Cassidy - Green
  • All - Red
Credits to:
Song and Appeal belongs to the Anime "Aikatsu"
Lyrics from the aikatsu.wikia
Stage made and provided by :iconshini-illumi: and :icon0ladylemon0:

Affected Categories:
Wakana Kelsey: [S] [D]
Styles Cassidy: [S] [D]
Kizuna Tomoe: [S] [D]


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Xyrten Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Thanks for the fav :)
AnaxErik4ever Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2018  Student Writer
Did you hear?!  As of Chapter 909, we have another sexy doctor in the mix, as Marco the Phoenix was apparently one of the doctors on the White Beard pirates.  And I'm tempted to say that his phoenix fire wasn't the only thing he used as a general cure-all; he has to have actual medical knowledge, as the heal-all effects of his Mythical Zoan fruit only apply to himself, i.e. he couldn't reattach Law's arm after it was lost in the fight with DoFlamingo.
Also, we have some familiar faces emerging in Wano, but Law and the three Kozuki retainers are nowhere to be seen, at least for now.  SUUUUPEEEEER FRANOSUKE the carpenter, the legendary Usohachi the Toad Oil seller, the Oiran in training O-Robi, and the wandering swordsman Zoro-Juro all made their debut appearances in this chapter.  I immediately thought back to Water 7 when Lucci, Blueno, Kalifa and Kaku were all "hiding in plain sight" to get close to Iceburg and find the Pluton blueprints; the Wano team is essentially doing the same thing to get close to the shogun.
Chaoussu Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yes I've read it :D Finally the Wano arc has begun!!!! Was so looking forward to it.

I was actually surprised to see that Marco was a doctor, but then again if you look back, you can see how he was especially concerned about Whitebeard's health and condition, compared to some of the other crew. To tell you the truth, I just thought that the big group of nurses he had, were the medic team, but guess I was wrong, there were more doctors. Yeah he did say that his powers were limited on others, at least compared to himself, but then again it would be way too over-powered, if he could patch up anyone in mere minutes like at the Marine HQ.

I really loved seeing how everyone were disguising themselves and mixing in with the locals. Especially since each of them were shown to do something they were good at. Franky was obviously a good carpenter, however it has been long, since we last saw Usopp try to sell to other people, my last recollection was back in the Skypiea arc, where he sold rubber bands. Robin has also been shown to having danced before (though in the non-canon movies), but still nice to see her kinda like a geisha, SHE WAS SO BEAUTIFUL!!! It was only natural for Zorro to be a ronin, but I really wonder why in the world he would walk around with Shusui, I mean Kinnemon tried to kill Zorro the moment he found out, despite him having helped saving both him and Momonosuke, so the rest of Wano would most likely do the same thing, if not worse.

I would also like to comment on how his scene was. It made me think back on how Luffy and Zorro met. I think back on that because again Zorro is apprehended by a, I guess a corrupt military man that accuses and apprehends Zorro for some kind of crime and attempts to execute him.

I can see how it would make you look back at the Water 7 arc, a big group trying to blend in, in order to gain closer access to their target, but I also see some parallels to Zoro from the beginning.
AnaxErik4ever Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2018  Student Writer
I learned from an educational computer game long ago that it is the role of the nurse to administer treatment and provide comfort to patients.  We have Florence Nightingale to thank for the advent of nursing as a profession and the overall progression of medicine, at least in America.  It's the doctors that assess internal or external maladies and prescribe treatment, e.g. physical therapy, crutches, medicine, etc.  In other words, those sexy nurses in charge of White Beard's multiple IVs and oxygen tank were only the second stage of his treatment.  Marco, and likely other doctors in the fleet as well, were in charge of the initial diagnosis of his terminal disease.

Franky may have been the leader of a ring of ship scuttling thieves, not to mention a thief for stealing the 3 billion berries to buy Adam wood from the Straw Hats.  However, he is a builder first, not a destroyer, especially after seeing how Spandam used his own creations against Tom when the sea train was first complete.  Being a carpenter in Wano suits him, although I'm not so sure about his Heracles Beetle style hairdo.  Is it meant to be a hammer or something else?

Usopp is the salesman of the group.  Even if it's a terrible product, he can come up with artwork and marketing campaigns to help sell it.  The fact that it's "Toad Oil" and not the more recognizable "Snake Oil" might be and to the Tales of the Gallant Jiraiya, a famous Japanese novel.  Jiraiya's whole clan was slain by the men of the possessed warlord Orochimaru, and he was reared to become a great warrior alongside his fellow pupil (later lover) Tsunade by a toad sage.  The heroic implications of toad oil are more than apparent when you think of this legend.

Fun bit of knowledge: an oiran is a higher class of geisha, and while there are sexual implications no matter what class level they were ate, geisha were mainly seen as entertainers trained in a variety of musical instruments, dance, poetry reading, and even conversation on relevant culture and politics.  Oirans were highly sought after because of their talent and beauty, and Big Sister Robin has those in spades.  (I remember Usopp acting as "pimp" for Robin when she was dancing in that club in Film Z, a scene I totally loved btw.  It doesn't surprise me she knows how to dance, as espionage and "hiding in plain sight" can apply to any variety of professions.)

I, too, was reminded of Zoro's introduction into the story, way back on Shell Island with Helmeppo.  He took the fall for someone else committing a "crime" against an official that abused their authority, mirrored here exactly with Zoro seeing the TRUE culprit among those who were witnessing his execution.  Heck, even the "boner of sadism and authority abuse" of the true culprit was the same here; that's right, even with Garp's harsh training, I still think Helmeppo is a bit of a sleaze.
Chaoussu Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I know that (studying to be a nurse right now). So I know of the functions of a nurse. They're definitely not the same as a doctor. I was just thinking that because, I thought it as a child and you never really rethink things before you read it all over again. Also because nobody else seemed like a doctor, so just dumped that role onto them.

... I guess? Honestly I don't pay much attention to Franky's hair anymore (looked back to check), I've pretty much categorised it as mostly pompadours. I know he changes it up a bit, but his hair is mostly pompadours and General Franky has most likely a pompadour, so I just categorise it like that.

Maybe. Wano is definitely designed to be back in, I think the Edo Period and is styled the same way as artwork made from that time... I think, no idea when the artwork was made, but the waves in the newest chapter is definitely from the famous japanese artwork of some waves. Their clothing style, speaking manner and occupations are definitely showing that it is from around that time. I wouldn't be surprised if Oda took the Tales of the Gallant Jiraiya because it is a story set and mostly from that time as well. (I actually know this story, but only because of Naruto... anime is my main source of knowledge)

Aaaaahhhh I knew what a geisha was, but not an oiran. Thanks for the info. Yeah considering the skills needed, I can definitely see Robin as an oiran and geisha.

Glad to see that I wasn't the only one thinking like that :)
Agreed! I know he is supposed to be all better and more like-able, but he will always be an annoying douche to me (Though I do like the friendship between Helmeppo and Coby).
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Frankenbeanz254 Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2018
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Elysionista Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for the fave!! Cry forever  rainbow heart 
LauBun Featured By Owner May 12, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Bunny Emoji-87 (Thanks) [V5]for the +fav  
TheCrossoverer89 Featured By Owner May 11, 2018
Did you read the latest chapter?
Chaoussu Featured By Owner May 14, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yes! Yes I did. And I must say that I am loving the new characters!!!!

(and the fact that Sabo got cramps from smiling too hard while reading about Luffy :D )
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