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So yeah, I had another episode of stress venting. read this when you get the chance: Good lord I am so stressed right now

Now let's talk about some stuff I've had on mind and get off of the stressful subjects:

Ornstein and Smough
The original Takanuva from bionicle
Character theme songs

Ornstein and Smough

So I have been watching DaveControlLive's lore videos on Dark Souls. I watched his Ornstein and Smough video and it got me thinking: What if these two are brothers? Or at the very least: Good friends? There is no Lore to support this though. But It does make sense. From what it sounds like, Smough wanted to be a knight. But he was denied when it was found out that he was seasoning his food with ground up bone from the people he executed. Now let's pretend they are brothers for a moment. Ornstein would have a part of him that is biased for his brother and feels sympathy for him. I mean come on, what are they going to do with all the extra bones? And he probably loves his job because he's dishing out justice. Ornstein would probably say "Hey brother, would you like to help me out with guarding the princess?" of to which Smough would happily agree.

Like I said, there is no lore right now to support this and it's just speculation. But what do you guys think? I am very interested to hear your take on this.

The original Takanuva from bionicle

I know, I am talking about Bionicle again after a little incident. But this subject has got my interest peaked.

I love concept art and a ideas. It always neat to see what was originally planned for something I am interesting in. I've heard that in the first Bionicle Movie, the character Takanuva, the seventh toa of light, was originally suppose to be a human child. I was watching a TTV podcast episode and this was mentioned real briefly.

Wow... Can you imagine how different Bionicle would be if this is what had been used? Biggest thing to note here is that Takanuva was an AV matoran (Light matoran) who were very pivotal characters in bionicle. The light matoran would have still been there, but it would have been a whole different story if Takanuva was a human child. We may have gotten more humans appearing in the bionicle universe and maybe some of the Makuta going to invade earth.

Plus it would of been so Meta. A human child playing and fighting with Bionicles. PLAY WELL AND PRAISE THE SUN! I am so tempted to right a fanfic based on the Takanuva human idea.

Character theme songs

So recently I have been listening to songs and realizing they potentially match up to certain anime characters. Here is what I got so far:

Ryuko Matoi = Disposable teens by Marylin Manson
Crona Gorgon = Overload by Soilwork

I think these fit these characters. So with Crona, I came to the conclusion a long time ago. I've have seen Monster by Skillet used for Crona before and I can see where people are comming from. It definitely fits, but I have a bias towards overload.

So with Ryuko, I was listening to Disposable teens and right one when "Survived abortion" and "I don't hate god but the god of the people I hated," It hit me. I was like "Oh Shit, this is Ryuko in a nutshell." Or at least that it is what I think.

What do you think of this? What theme would you put to your character of choice?

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