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Will-ron, Master of Iron - G2 Self MOC

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I made another Iron Toa Self MOC and this one is actually a Bionicle this time.

So I was getting fed up with waiting for my next aid refund check and decided to take apart some of my G2 Bionicles so I could do some MOC'ing. Tahu and Gali had the parts I needed for me to make another Toa of Iron. So I decided to go ahead with it. I wanted to be a Shadow Toa, but I don't have the G2 parts right now to do that.

So I'm guessing you guys want some back story, right? Well G2 Bionicle lore, as I am typing this, is very sparse. So I am going to give you what I got right now. Will-ron is a toa from a foreign land who journeys to Okoto to look for Iron Ore mines. He makes it to Okoto, landing in the area of the Earth village. After getting permission from Korgot, the Protector of Earth, He begins his search for iron ore. Naturally Will-ron arrived a little bit before the main toa arrived on Okoto. Will-ron said his duty was not to defend Okoto, but he would help the villagers if the skull spiders got too unruly.

Yes, Will-ron has a mask of fire. Where did he get it? I don't know yet. Like I said, there is not much G2 Bionicle lore at the moment. Why did I go with that mask by the way? A) I only have Tahu and Gali for toa at the moment, B) I didn't want to use a skull spider mask for obvious reasons, C) Gold is a Toa of Iron color, and D) we don't have alternate colored masks yet besides gold masks (including the Skull set re-colors) and comic con exclusives.

So this what I got so far for my G2 Self MOC. As you can tell, this character (and back story) are not finished yet. I am more than happy accept any and all advice and constructive criticism.

If you couldn't already tell, I will definitely be getting the first G2 book when it comes out and all books afterwards. Got to get me that lore knowledge.
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looks like a Toa of Iron to me. i think you did a good job with it.
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Taqresu650Student Traditional Artist
I like the colors used to represent the Iron element.
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RisebellHobbyist Digital Artist
gunmetal and gold not my favorite colors to mix

not a fan of the hau either but whatever
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ChaoticTempleKnightHobbyist General Artist
Okay then... I didn't think you would comment (no offense intended, it's just that a lot of people ignore me).

All I can say is that I don't have a lot of G2 parts at the moment and personal preferences.