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First, the update. Due to pretty much living in the poor house, and not getting ANY call backs for any jobs, I'm working on getting a GED. I know from experience that it doesn't matter, as more friends of mine without GED's have gotten more jobs than friends of mine with collage educations, but there's a job my cousin got recently that is really easy, good pay, and is always hiring, BUT requires a GED. At this point, might be my best bet. So after doing some practice GED tests with a paid website called Essential Education, I learned my only problem, is literally just Math. I passed everything else by almost a landslide, but with Math, I failed every question. So I'm focusing on getting the GED, so I can get this job, so I can save up for a better drawing tablet...speaking of which...

I had about 15 minutes of free time, and doodled this.

EDIT: Had time to do a second image today, but didn't want to upload it as a deviant, or make a whole new journal entry just for it.

I know the drawing is ugly as shit, and I still don't know anatomy, and I still can't figure out how to do eyes, and the hair was intentionally lazy as I didn't really put work into it (but I really tried with the eyes), but I feel this is pretty much the best I've ever drawn when it comes to the body. I know most people ignore my journals, but I REALLY hope to get a response on this, especially from professionals like lostonezero Lululewd Briel7 (who I realize is no longer following me O.o) and any other artist I consider a friend (just went with the most recent submissions on my DeviantArt watches when I named names from people I consider friends. Didn't say Kidetic because I don't think he likes me much O.o). I'm hoping for actual advise, not just 'It's not bad' or 'keep it up'. So any response from...really anyone at all, would be appreciated.

As for other images, such as the pic, adding clothing to lostonezero's Disarmonia (can't believe I successfully remembered that name and spelled it right without looking it up before hand O.o), and I still planned to do LureDA Sanae for a year now (it's been 13 months since I finally started making artwork), and I STILL haven't finished that Charmcaster pic >.< OR shaded the Jasmine pic yet >.< all of these have to go on hold for a lot longer unfortunately as I focus on getting this GED...
  • Reading: Crap for a GED test.
  • Watching: Malcolm in the Middle and Ghosted
  • Playing: Pokemon Go and Hyrule Warriors
  • Eating: Pizza
  • Drinking: Always Coca-Cola

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Does...anyone know what happened to the artist Dravuor? He changed his account name to TheCursedAccount and on the same day, his account was deactivated.

EDIT: No, seriously, now Drav is back, with all comments hidden, and...I mean what the hell happened to that profile? O.o
Updated my last journal with a new image. Not good enough for a full upload, or a new journal entry, but proud of it enough to show it off.'s the image anyway New canvas by ChaoticKaos
My shoulder ended up hurting really bad so the Dva drawing is delayed until it stops hurting.
Finished the image and noted the image Magnolia. Just waiting for him to see it first before I post it.
After posting my last status, the very next day, I did the face, hair, bondage, and underwear of one of the girls, the the face, bondage, and underwear of the second girl, but was going to do the hair the very next day. But I got violently ill (violently might not be the right term, but as sick as I felt, I like the idea of saying I was violently ill) a few hours after drawing, so haven't even been on the computer in about a week. Feel better enough to type this messages, but not stay on the computer very long. MAY be able to finish the image tomorrow, not sure how I'll feel then. Also due to lack of money, I barely ate this past week, so feeling weak from that as well, so who knows.


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Recently, I learned how to use Manga Studio 5 just enough to make images. I use it's curve tool to trace models I pose in DesignDoll, then I try my best to add in the features also using the helpful curve tool. Then I do the coloring and shading, so I think I improved enough to call myself a semi-artist for now.

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