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I used many Tiles (Tileset here) for my Maps and so that I don't have do copy&paste every time I uploaded a map, I will list all people here. Thank you for your public tiles.
I made some myself and I edited some of them, so I will list my name here too.

:iconkyle-dove: Kyle-Dove
:iconsailorvicious: Heavy-Metal-Lover
:iconwesleyfg: WesleyFG
:iconiametrine: Dewitty
:iconzetavares852: Zetavares852
:iconxdinky: XDinky
:iconnewtiteuf: Newtiteuf
:iconalucus: Alucus    
:iconerma96: Erma96    
:iconhydrargirium: Hydrargirium    
:iconpoison-master: Poison-Master    
:iconthedeadheroalistair: Thedeadheroalistair    
:iconshutwig: Shutwig    
:iconasdsimone: Asdsimone    
:iconkaess-desu: Xxdevil    
:iconsteinnaples: Steinnaples    
:iconhek-el-grande: Hek-el-grande    
:iconsylver1984: sylver1984    
:iconniknaks93: NikNak93
:iconteaaddiction: TeaAddiction
:iconcuddlesthefatcat: Cuddlesthefatcat
:iconmagiscarf: Magiscarf
:icongigatom: Gigatom
:iconthe-red-ex: The-Red-eX
:iconchaoticcherrycake: ChaoticCherryCake
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NickSol ill be sure to put you in the credits at the end of the game