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Pokemon Tileset From Public Tiles

Here's a tileset I put together from various free tiles. I recolored some of them, so they should look good together. There will be updates from time to time. If there's anything that shouldn't be there, please tell me.

You can use it BUT you have to credit me and all the artists linked below and you can't use it for commercial things. No commercial use means you aren't allowed to make money with anything you created with this tileset.
Credits here:

32x32 here:

EDIT 11/09/2014
Seriously last update.

EDIT 10/07/2014
As for now this will be the final version. Added underwater shadows and some new tiles.

EDIT 09/03/2014
Next update. Swamp and farm tiles added, more snow on houses, more shadows and more credits.

EDIT 05/01/2014
Update! More Tiles, more snow, changed some shadows and more credits in the list.

EDIT 29/09/2013
Updated it. More Tiles, more shadows, more credits in the list.
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what was resolution of this version of tileset

pokefan6498's avatar

the tileset seems good but i have problem with layering


Puis-je éditer ces tiles pour fusionner certaines tuiles entre elles ? Avec crédits bien sûr.

Merci de votre réponse.

rptfdr821's avatar

I love this so much

RUdigitized's avatar
I have looked at this 100 times and never bothered to stop and tell you how awesome it is. I miss pokemon days.
Lady-Pixel's avatar
wow...thats cool
ImadGrey's avatar
This tileset is REALlY AWSOME!!
Keep-up the good work!
Jdailey1991's avatar
So how do you do one tile at a time?
Logiteq's avatar
I love the temples at the bottom, totally using this <3
BreadsticcArt's avatar
wait so did you make these? the title is confusing and makes it sound like it's from the pokemon games
diazsadikin's avatar
I want to make a game from RPG Maker XP and use theese tilesets, may i do that?
SweetRainney's avatar
nice art work anyway
JeyAlanAC's avatar
Can I use this Tileset for a non-pokémon (and non-commercial) game? Obvsiously I'll give credits to the tileset creators.
Hey, So There Is No Way This Can Be Used For Commercial Use Is That Correct?
This tileset is brilliant! Thx!
When I've finished my game (non-commercial of course), I'll be sure to send it to you and all the other artists who helped make this brilliant tileset.
dirtywiggles's avatar
If anyone has a RPG maker friendly version please message me. Thank you. 
BreadsticcArt's avatar
what do you mean friendly?
LucarioSmash's avatar
Could you make this so you can use it in RPG Maker XP? Thanks
Candy-waterfalls's avatar
question, this may be a tad stupid
how do i place this tiles with it looking like a mess
teerialegends's avatar
What about the autotiles? (And possibly resize for 32x32)
Flurmimon's avatar
Great collection. I'm using it for my maps nature looks.
fakemon123's avatar
May I use these in a fangame?
Is there any way i can get a rearranged version to fit RPGMXP (256p wide)? Thanks.
How do you get it to work?
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