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Blade: Chapter 2
Chapter 2-
“So what exactly were you doing by my house anyways?” Cole asked with a slight grin on his face. He watched Kate’s face for an expression but none was shown.
“On my way to help with the preparations, of course,” she answered easily. “I, unlike some, am actually interested in birthday party of your uncle.”
“That’s right, that is soon isn’t it,” He said. Thinking for a minute he said, “two days away isn’t it?”
“Three days away making it Wednesday,” she corrected shaking her heard. “You really are hopeless aren’t you?”
“Not entirely,” He said. “You’re still able to get me to behave every once in a while.”
Pretending to ignore the comment, Kate continued to walk until they left the forest and began to head towards the center of town. It wasn’t difficult to find. Their town wasn’t that large and the center was quite a commotion with the decorations bei
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Blade-Chapter 1: The Beginning
Chapter 1- The beginning
It’s amazing how little time people spend in trees, Cole thought to himself as he stretched out amongst limbs of the oak tree covered in solid green leaves.
It really is quite relaxing.
He had come up to the tree to get away from the continuing nagging of his instructor, Sir. Nicholas Ferb, or at least that was what everyone called him. Come to think of it, he wasn’t quite sure whether Ferb really was a knight of anywhere. Out of his sixteen years of living he had never heard why he was a “Sir” only that he was. Maybe he just chose it because it sounds cool.
Cole smirked, Well, he could have chosen a much better name if that was the case. Really, what a name.  
He sighed and closed his eyes recalling the expression of Ferb’s face as he had attempted to threaten Cole with punishment and extra work, which of course came to no avail. Soon, Cole had become bored and simply left to explore around the forest to the south of his town
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