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Love the Bomb Blotter Art

Drawn in Summer 2004, before the re-election of President Bush. The idea grew from an image that Bansky used in his graffiti. Using a combination of digital manipulation (mainly in the centre Bush image) and painting to achieve a trippy feel to the background. The intention of the image was to be used on LSD blotter sheets (not dipped, i.e. NO drugs), which i am happy to announce, it has been, and is available through me, my website, [link] Each copy is signed from a print run of a mere 150.

Check out my other blotter [link]
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blotter art has the ability to influence one's "trip". As Mark McCloud has said, he believes blotter art is a form of artistic alchemy.
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thats really good, a squished version could probably fit onto a tab as well
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Fantastic gallery; for me it's like time travel back to the 60s--me, old fart. Love this pic most of all! As they used to say "Your weed is great". Thanks for sharing
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Seems like this message grew more and more true as his presidency went on. Great art!
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Thankyou.. new comments on this piece are always appreciated!
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Needless to say I can't wait for the upcoming election.
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this is great political art...FUCK BUSH!
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I love your gallery, but I am AWED by this, good lord, I don't even have the words, but it's an instant fav and I will be trying to lay hands on some of this for my collection... if not for my consumption... hehe
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Wow, thanks.

I never realised when I was sketching this out that it would end up being such a powerful image. Thank you so much for your words of appreciation, and of course, taking the time out to say them :D

Signed copies are available in my ebay shop [link] and T-shirts here [link]

If you note me your postal address I'll send you a postcard!!

Cat x
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I especially enjoyed the stars fading into bombs on the B&W part of the heart.
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Amazing, I love blotter art! Just curious tho, if I may ask the significance of the hearts on certain places on the map?
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There is no significance!! Sorry, is that good or bad?! Just part of the trippy design. I have no idea what states they are over (shame on me!! geography is not my strong point) Would be interesting to know, seeing as they were placed with no intentions in mind...!
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Well nonetheless its a beautiful peice of art, great job! B-)
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OMG I freak'n love it! :D
ChaoticatCreations's avatar
Thanks :D T-shirts and Blotters are for sale ;)
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a beautiful piece of conceptual art, that hits home to alot of people! I love how youve merged and combined the drawing, like changing the stars into bombs and just how everything fits together so wonderfully :) :glomp:
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