Hi guys,

this dA group is unfortunately suffering from neglect, with the Facebook page taking quite a lot of effort for daily features already, and it's just me (lyc) doing all the Chaotica stuff these days. Sorry :hmm:

I'm considering either opening the group up to any submissions, or recruiting some admins to approve group submissions. This is basically just to prevent the gallery getting flooded with pictures of horses - not My Little Pony, actual horses; don't ask me why people do this :slow:

If you'd like to help out please let me know, this would be greatly appreciated and you can of course feature your own works / mention your page etc.

Thanks <3

Best of the Month

Fri Mar 27, 2015, 4:25 AM
March is almost over, so lets take a look at the best Chaotica works on DA

Shamanic Tree by triptychaos Don't drive so unconsciously by LMcentury21 Moonlight sonata by FractalDesire
Between the devil and the deep blue sea by SallySlips Flare by tatasz Amethyst Rebirth by ChaosFissure
Sunshine Seas by plangkye :bigthumb519904220: Iceland by pillemaster

A special feature goes to this amazing work by LMcentury21 - it definitely caught the attention of our followers on Tumblr.

Don't drive so unconsciously by LMcentury21

For all who have been eager for 1.5.5, it is officially released :squee:

Download: www.chaoticafractals.com/downl…
Release Notes: www.chaoticafractals.com/blog/…

A still frame from an animation created with 1.5.5:

Wave by tatasz

Fantastic friday every fractalist out there!

There's update 1.5.5 available. At download page, just change 1.5.3 into 1.5.5 and you are good to go.

We have new exciting contributor on board, creator of the ChaosHelper, triptychaos!

Spirit of the Mountain by triptychaos
The Desolation Of The First Principle by triptychaosThe Source Of The Elders by triptychaosThe Journey by triptychaos

If you still haven't checked out ChaosHelper, do eet nao!

The actual

Weekly feature

Let's not forget our fellow fractalists =) Here's collection of wonderful works from past weeks.

Nebulae by tataszWrath by C-91241214-G by Pasternak
From the Edwardian Era by moravidThe Ramifications of Falling In Love by Platinus9pm docking by rce-ordinaryAustralia Day _ Invasion Day by moravid
How to Drive by ChaosFissureSwirly by tataszThe dance of purple flower by ElenaLightThrough the clouds by C-JRHex / Polynomial v3 by JanRobbe

Elloo! Weekly feature time :D
This week we have many great renders in our gallery.

Deep Bloom by SaTaNiA
Deep Bloom by SaTaNiA
Who wouldn't love these blooms!?

Disco by tatasz
Disco by tatasz
Eye-catching elliptic splits :faint:

2039 by JanRobbe
Inner city by night by JanRobbe
Be sure to check out these unique works on his website.

Lost Forest by triptychaos
Lost Forest by triptychaos
Velvety smooth blurs and elaborate textures, amazing.

A Dragon by plangkye
A Dragon by plangkye
Another masterful technical piece from Plangkye!

Just like last week, into the next week and beyond :dummy:!

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