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It would be nice if we could start to share again ;-)
New stuff has been filtering into this group for a while now.  If you know of someone or a deviation that needs to be in here, let me know and I'll see if I can make it happen.
Is this group still active?
Don't think so.  Ask Lycium in discord maybe?
Could someone help me with chaotica? In the world editor, there is no world nodes, and when I try to click the checkbox to turn it back on, the check doesn't appear and nothing happens
1. are you using version 2?  If not, snag it. 
2. did you open the app and dismiss the random worlds?  If so, choose "new empty world" from the menu and then try using the world editor.
Is version 2 free?
Yes, I have tried making an empty world and I still have that problem