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sheep nomad

sabrier travels to find the lost library
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i love your execution of the paint-like styling!
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Beautiful design : )
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this is interesting XD I LIKE IT
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this is so amazing wah
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Wow this is so lovely :O <3
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how his skirt does that we'll never know.
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Hi, mi brain al least figured that was wire frame inside the coat XD

(Minds become creative when they stop concerning for that silly details.)

Great design!
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very interesting character, I really like the clothing na dthe style you used ^^
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I like how he looks as if he's in the middle of moving. You're always amazing with the clothing details!
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The colors in this piece are so beautifully vibrant, and just gorgeous and everything else is astounding and of course nothing short of amazing. 
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amazing in color, value, empthasis, and detail
really interesting to look at :D

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beautiful as always
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this is gorgeous!<3
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ohjkahlsdg you probably get comments like this a lot
i've been following your art for a long time 
well, you're a real inspiration to me. 

and now i'm going to a one month art school thing
and everyone's a lot better than me and all, but I think seeing this piece this morning reminded me that it doesn't matter how much better everyone is
because I have a goal that I want to achieve and //////i don't know where I was going with thihasjkfhsklg

have a lovely day!
thanks for posting absolutely lovely art!

Chaotic-Muffin's avatar
i'm glad you came to that realization, comparing yourself to others like that can be kind of toxic (even though we all do it from time to time zjhkjfhgh)
anyway good luck with school!
and i'm glad you like my stuff
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Wahhh //// thank you so much!
;w;  I'll do my very best in school!
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GEORGEOUS! I love the movement and the colours :D
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oh my god the colors muffin the COLORS :heart: :heart: :heart:
you are so amaze *flails about*
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OMG! Hoodies, i love hoodies! * w *  They're so cute! <3  -steals them home- lol <x'D  Dat colour, dat petal! >3< 
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