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i don't remember what the rainbowfish books were about but i feel like it had something to do with other fish only accepting rainbowfish after he shared his glitter scales and that's mildly upsetting tbh
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I so love this one, the colors, the patterns, everything.

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I. REMEMBER. RAINBOWFISH. Gave a piece of himself away each time someone was upset w the fact he was prettier..... SMH

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These colors are boss and the art is amazing!  Nicely done!
I feel that's the way a mer tail should be!
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Simply stunning 😍 your depth of colour is glorious and the lighting gives it a real mystical vibe. Ugh. I'm in awe!
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Oooh this is such a unique design, and drawing!! Love this.
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Adore the colors you chose for this piece. Really beautiful oil on water colors.
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The longer I look at this, the more I discover. Its really amazing how much you were able to include detail wise!
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Amazing! I love your coloring, and the way you make the shades!
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I love that tail so much
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Not normally a fan of unicorns and mermaids etc but this is beautiful
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Love the colors and the purple poisonous vibes I'm getting! :heart:
The lighting reminds me a lot of some sort of underwater church, it has the look of stained glass :)
It's so nice seeing art from you, keep it up! ^-^
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oh man fever with is wonderful, i can just imagine how this would look as a metallic print Heart Eyes Emoji 
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Rainbow fish spends most of the story bragging about how much better and more beautiful he is than all the other fish, so they friend-dump him for his toxic behavior. 
This was one of my favorite stories as a kid.  The illustrations in the book were pretty, and this is a cool interpretation.  The eyes especially feel haunting.
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I was JUST thinking about that book the other day! Wonderful piece to go with as well
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Awesome job Nero Wink - Devil May Cry 5 
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Holy heck.... This is outstanding! :heart: rvmp 
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This tail looks hella poisonous haha, gorgeous work!
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Why is she selfish
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