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AbyssilProfessional Digital Artist
I love this. And I love that we practically dress the same LOL. Your goblin dog - PRRRP PRRRP PRRRP D:< <3<3
Even though this is a tad old I want to just scream about how much I love this Meet the Artist if that's okay with you? I follow you on Twitter and it's safe to say I find all of your artwork to have so much personality. I find that this Meet the Artist is particularly endearing because of how you didn't draw yourself with a stereotypical beautiful face? It feels like one of those photos that were taken at the wrong time by your during your youth (despite how oddly specific that sounds). Overall, I just really like all of the work you put into this, and the accessories, despite the fact I've been gushing about how you drew your face I love the accesories a lot as well.
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AH thank you so much, i'm glad you like it all!

as for how i drew myself, anything less than mildly grotesque feels disingenuous lmao

I didn't actually expect you to reply - thank you very much. I get what you mean though if I draw myself looking too 'customary' it doesn't feel right as most people (including myself) don't usually appear the way they do in most typical artistic mediums, so when I do artwork of myself like that would feel wrong to depict myself that way.
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Owl-ClockWorkStudent Digital Artist
Wait....I think your 'dog' is a cat....
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BrutalwyrmHobbyist Digital Artist
nice to meet you 
love your artwork :D
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ZashaDrawsHobbyist Digital Artist
I have to say that wasabi peas and new pool toy smells are some of the best things.
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oh man the character customization is real.
I don't like the ocean ether..
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I love it... I don't know why I laughed when I saw your expression tho

s funny
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piranha-haHobbyist Digital Artist
I can relate to the way too many layers and bad hair :D
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SkeletalKProfessional Digital Artist
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MrBlackCapProfessional General Artist
Haha nice :)
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FalseBeingHobbyist General Artist
I'm really digging your outfit, I need it in my life //wheeze
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CybambieHobbyist Digital Artist
you look like a sketchy items vendor from a video game and i love
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mjoelkeHobbyist Digital Artist
love the amount of detail you put in there! also i really like how you included more interesting stuff in your like/dislike sections than "yeah i dont like asshole people (WELL who DOES like them??)  i especially enjoy this intense character costumization haha, i feel the same! 
also the dotted background really fits and i really enjoy this artwork man!!
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ReptonicHobbyist Filmographer
New pool toy smell interesting *nods*
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JellyfishbubblezStudent General Artist
Haha aww I love this. X)
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larvlProfessional Digital Artist
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Ayyy you cool :meow:
Great work :D
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monmoshiHobbyist General Artist
cool !
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MyuzoyukiStudent Digital Artist
Wasabe peas are so good!
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Candy-MeowHobbyist General Artist
that is the most attractive face I've ever seen  *.*
and omg you are SO hardcore! I can't believe you like wasabi peas!  >.<
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