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My good dose of SonAmy and my practice of getting back into the swing of things :D I hope you enjoy! 

Sonic and Amy belong to SEGA
art by me
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Sonic: Oh Amy I'll tell you how I love you someday. Until then, talk to the hand.

Wait I forgot to wash it after going in the garbage heap in that fight with Eggman. Uh oh, Amy's gonna kill me now.

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In that infamous scene in Sonic Generations, it was canonically confirmed that Sonic was extremely rude to Amy and completely out of character, and it only served to hurt Amy’s character and reputation and the Sonamy shipping. Many anti-Amy and anti-Sonamy fans have repeatedly used that infamous scene as ammunition against Amy and the Sonamy shipping despite the fact that Sonic was clearly the one in the wrong. That stunt was never repeated or used ever again by Sonic Team and it’s not used in IDW Sonic either.

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not today amy lol; he needs a breather from your bone crushing hugs XD

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Amy: *muffled* Oh yeah? *kisses his gloved hand in response* :D
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Team Sonic Racing Overdrive - Smug Sonic : Yeah, She can be a bit of a hassle. TSRO - these chao don't seem dangerous But at least she keeps me running.

(And you KNOW how much I love running.)

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*random talking* shut up!
Nobody is going to get that reference
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I hope he isn't smooshing her eye(s) ^^;
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These artsy-fartsy background and all of these pastel colors...all centered around Amy's face getting palmed!  I love it!

Great job on the lighting, poses, expressions and scenery!  This is great!
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Sonic: Sorry Amy, not today! Wink/Razz 
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Wow, Sonic's a dick to Amy. 
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Well I got inspired by a scene from Generations. He’s just shy and doesn’t know how to express feelings like Amy does.
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Still, that's mean, I mean come on Sonic is over 20 yrs old at this point. XD
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Oh my got :heart: :love:
This is so really really sweet :heart: :love:
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This is such a phenomenal and cute drawing of Sonic and Amy! I love Sonic's expression and blushing as he stops Amy from hugging him!
I really love the shine on them!
And excellent with the outlining, as well as the colouring, the shadings and highlights and the background with the tiny detailing!
Awesome work! :thumbsup: :heart:
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Don't you try to fight it, Sonic! A lot of guys should be rather lucky to have a cute-looking gal like Amy fall in love with you, and I've never seen you act that way towards Sally as well! ;P
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I agree with everything you just said!! Oshawott Agrees Plz 
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I agreed here too! Amy is one of a kind and not every guy can find a girl like Amy to love you back Sonic, hope he understands that; also Sally is more of a good friend to Sonic instead of being a couple.
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IKR? It would make sense if he love her back also, Sonic and Sally isn't a couple anymore so it's possible for Sonic and Amy to become a couple :3
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Exactly! Sonic and Amy make more scent because they are the video games characters which makes Amy the first female character to make her first appearance and everyone love her cute sweet love for everyone and while sally was a old TV show cartoon then comics, but in the end Amy take the cake because she is well known in video games and sally is only know for the TV show and comics. In the end sally is an okay character and should only be Sonic friend and not a item for him. Somany for life 
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