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Chillax by chaoswolf1982 Chillax :iconchaoswolf1982:chaoswolf1982 12 2 Larisa Crotova, Soviet Gurahl by chaoswolf1982 Larisa Crotova, Soviet Gurahl :iconchaoswolf1982:chaoswolf1982 14 0 Bling by chaoswolf1982 Bling :iconchaoswolf1982:chaoswolf1982 3 0 Brickhouse by chaoswolf1982 Brickhouse :iconchaoswolf1982:chaoswolf1982 2 3
Farewell, Dungeon Master.
Somewhere out there, in the distant worlds of Eberron, Faerun, Aber-Toril and countless other lands that lay just a hairsbreadth askew of our own, every celestial and infernal, gnome and troll, elf and dwarf, human and orc, and yes, even the noble Dragons themselves...
All of them stopped their battles, their struggles, and fell quiet. Some  stood gazing skyward in muted awe, others falling to their knees and bowing their heads in prayerful tears...
Though none of them knew why they did, all of them, from the smallest kobold to the mighty Tarrasque, stopped in a moment of silence, for they knew that somewhere, somehow, a Greatness passed from the realms of the living into the stillness of the dead.
And nothing any of them could do, could restore that Greatness to them.  All they knew was that the memory remained, and that was enough to ensure that Greatness could never truly perish.
:iconchaoswolf1982:chaoswolf1982 12 16
The Secret of Wolves.
The first thing you have to learn about the secret of werewolves, is that it's not really a "secret".  There are a lot more people who know about werewolves than you would think.  Generally, they stay quiet about it, because werewolves are "impossible". There's "no such thing as a werewolf", and those who say otherwise are clearly liars or delusional.
But they are out there.  Even certain facets of various world governments are aware of them, including the U.S. - some even have seats in Congress.  But, of course, none of them would be so stupid as to admit it.  Can't spook the ignorant public, after all.  Not in this day and age, anyway... They'd panic like stampeding cattle.
In fact, about one in every thousand people you'll ever see is a lycanthrope of some kind.  The majority are werewolves, but there are also werefoxes, wererats, werebears, werecats, and supposedly even werespiders and weresharks.
Or so th
:iconchaoswolf1982:chaoswolf1982 6 17
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Bitch :iconchaoswolf1982:chaoswolf1982 78 12
Samus Aran: Beneath the Suit by chaoswolf1982
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United States
Current Residence: Why you askin'? Wanna come visit?
Favourite genre of music: Instrumentals, some Goth-metal and classic-rock. Also, Celtic melody is good for relaxing.
Favourite style of art: Anything, really. But for myself, I prefer doing colorations of others' lineart.
Operating System: Windows. I know nothing about Macs, and the Linux penguin frightens me for unknown reasons.
MP3 player of choice: Either WinAmp or my MP3/CD player.
Shell of choice: Artillery.
Wallpaper of choice: Variable
Skin of choice: Naked female.
Favourite cartoon character: The girls of X-Men:Evolution, and the lovely ladies of Disney.
Personal Quote: "There are nights when the Wolves are silent, and only the Moon howls..." - George Carlin
...when you take the time and effort to rip apart an ignorant person's false "logic" with supported facts and evidence, but when you go to hit "submit", they've deleted the post...


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Splicerion Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2018
Happy birthday!
Jabroniville Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2018
Thanks so much for watching me :). Which stuff of mine was your favorites?
chaoswolf1982 Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
You have a real knack for drawing both curvy women and muscular ones, so it's hard to pick a singular favorite.

A touch of advice, though - while your art shows an excellent grasp of anatomy, it feels a little lacking in diversity sometimes, and occasionally comes off like the characters are just the same figure swapping hairstyles.  I noticed this particularly in your older images which have two different women close together, like the pic of a pregnant Belle and Elsa side-by-side.

You're a great artist, and I can tell by more recent works that you're striving to get past that particular speedbump (it's a common hurdle for many artists, so don't feel disappointed by any struggles with it), so I wish you the best going forward.
Jabroniville Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2018
Hey man, have you taken a look lately? How do you think I've done improving, so far?
chaoswolf1982 Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
With every new drawing, you improve bit by bit! Keep up the good work!
(1 Reply)
Jabroniville Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2018
Wow, thanks a lot for the compliments and the free advice! I've been bugging all my favorite artists on that front for months, so it's good to hear more :).

Glad to see my anatomy is up to snuff- that was keeping my stuff from getting approved on one of those "other" art sites (the naughty one with standards, lol). Regarding SameBody, that's something I've struggled with, particularly with PREGNANT women, who are gonna look a certain way, especially since I like one kind of pregnancy the best (ie. huge, but technically possible). I tried to make Belle & Elsa in that pic look a bit different, with Belle being more curvy and Elsa being more slender, but I've since shifted Elsa to be a bit more toned to differentiate her from the also-skinny Anna. 

But yeah, copying body types happens a lot, and I try to avoid it. My Titanica and Skyscraper characters look WAY too identical (especially since they have the same powers), but I can't differentiate them properly :). I try to vary head shapes to keep girls looking separate, too (Elsa has a very rounded head, while Belle's is longer). I also try to keep the muscular women a bit different (Jen-Tai, Zarya & Sheeva all have different body types in my style... I hope :)).
BrandonB-80 Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2017
Thanks for adding my Cammy to your favs!
Jalohauki Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2017
Thank you for the watch, love~
chaoswolf1982 Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Been following your Elsanna art, smut and otherwise, on Tumblr for a long while, saw you'd seemingly stopped posting there, and asked around if there were other places where you posted, then got directed here.
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