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This is actually done for a client based on his character sprite. but he just find reasons to delay the payment and run away. His name is Jonard Allen Soriano ,

If you see this artwork being used in any game, please let me know. Also, don't bother to work for that guy < > or you get your payment hanged for 2 months before he leaves you forever. 

Photo-bashed background for fun.

EDIT: Some people asked me about photobashing background.

Photobashing is the the technique used in concept art. It is to use photos as a base then paint on top, mix them up to quickly give texture/ realism/ details to the artwork.

The client didn't ask for a background, I just made it for fun so I didn't spend a lot of time 'painting' it.
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What is her name?
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" Think you can do it?"
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i know the guy.. is there a character named raijel or releina?
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If you mean the person who commissoned this character, his name is not Raijel or Releina.
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yes i know. i mean if he mentioned any character with that name. he made a anime story before so i thought that he will base the game on that story.  
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Hoy panget na baboy! Walang Raijel and Releina duon sa game! LOSER ka! You better stop stalking! You UGLY BROKE FAT BITCH! Get a life! Arianne Mae Lacuata aka ariannegarnett
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Awsome Piece!!!! :)
ouch about the payment delay, that completely sucks :/
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She's very cute.
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that elf armor
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Gorgeous work and nice melting with the background. Like it!
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Aww I'm sorry to hear that your client didn't pay you for this amazing artwork! ;;
Have you considered requesting up-front payment? That would ensure that a situation like this doesn't happen!
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That was fine work!
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that's just low hard work should be paid for u did an amazing job
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That is really beautiful, you did a great work like always ! Nod 
Gorgeous elf maiden.                                                                                                                                                               :archer: 
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Just gorgeous ! I love her armor and bow especially, and your natural color scheme.
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Reminds me of Suguha from SAO. ^^
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i so love her design
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