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Muramasa The Demon Blade

By ChaosNet1701
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A wallpaper I made using the official art from Muramasa The Demon Blade.

I originally made a smaller version for my R4 [link] which I liked so much I just had to do a desktop sized one.
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Very beautiful wallpaper of this game ! I loved Oboro Muramasa ! The graphics are awesome and love the gaming ! And the design of the characters is always wonderful !
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this is beautifully done. what are the characters' names?
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From left to right, Kongiku, Momohime and Yuzuruha. The green spirit is Jinkuro
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It's just AWESOME :D
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Cheers, glad you like it :D
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kongiku is hawt
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Awesome pic!!! Ive been playing this for about 4 hours and thought to myself "I want to do a fanart for this game" so I decided to come on DA and see if there was any and man Ive found some awesome stuff:) Great job!!!
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Thanks, glad you liked it. I wanted a wallpaper for the game and made this out of the official artwork. I was so happy with it I just had to share it :D
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This is amazing! Thank you!!
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well damn this is another good one I've seen today that don't have a single view or comment, well let me be the 1st to say nice work
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Just got this game, just started playing it. Awesome game, and awesome artwork! This looks a whole lot like the art style used in the game... really awesome job!
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i nabbed a copy , this is ace! especialy boobs girl.
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I may get the game
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:love: I liket so muchh!!
It´s my new wallpaper n___n :star:
Great game too...
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Wow, that is awesome dude.
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Cheers - Glad you liked it :)
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Absolutely in love with it =D
This is so beautiful ! Congrats ! =)
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