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Vector Resource - People

.AI file.

For future projects of mine, and for anyone that needs them.

Please give credit in any pieces; not for commercial use.
© 2005 - 2021 chaosmuse
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very nice vectors.
your topics in my blog site [link]
if its posible to publish i will is that any problem about this stuation ?
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awsum work thanks =D
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thanks alot ^__^
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Pretty coool ... tkxs!!
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these look godo...I will check them out!
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great! how do you do this?
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what do you mean? make the vector? or use it?
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make the silouette with the perfect line
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It's just drawn by hand in vector.
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thx I think i use it next time at the moment I started learning vector art
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Can I use one of the vectors in this Deviation for the deviantArt Clothing Competition?
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because the contest involves prizes (being a form of payment or money), i'd rather not. also, because those images, should the piece win, would end up being redistributed by print - which translates to commercial use.

Sorry. :| Feel free to use the idea of a black sillouette, though. :D
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how about if I edit it slightly?
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I'd rather that you, nor anyone else, make MONEY off of my efforts. These resources are here so that people can explore what they can do, not so that they have an easy way out of doing work for themselves.

Make sense? If you want to win that contest, win it with your works alone.
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Fair enough, I'm not that good at vector work, and yours was exactly what I was looking for. Here is what I made [link] . I will keep it in my scraps, I quite like it.
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Thanks for understanding.

You should try some vector - it's not hard, especially if you're used to the pen tool.
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I'm doin a course in Multimedia Development at Uni, and i have done a bit of vector work, but unfortunately it is using Freehand.
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Looks good, you use POSER for the figures or real live (as opposed to fake dead? ;-) ) people?
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The models actually came from a stock gallery to which i bought the rights. There are tons of em - something like 410,000 images total - but i didn't really feel like outlining that many. :)
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