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ALAT - Age of Unification




Part of my A Link Across Time project.

Young Present : Age of Unification

Here is the era in which the story begins. Hyrule is in a tense time. The neighboring tribes are quarreling with one another. Civil war is imminent, and the King knows this. One day, Young Link encounters Princess Zelda and her guards, led by the Sheikah Imparu, who are on their way to extend the hand of peace to the neighboring tribes. The sourceless threat of a royal kidnapping hangs on Imparu's mind, but Zelda suggests that Link comes along as a "plainclothes" guard, should they get attacked on the road by bandits or whatever. Basically, Link accompanies Zelda to the four neighboring tribes: the Gorons, the Zoras, the Deku, and the Gerudo. Each tribe would either show hostility, or have some sort of issue that requires the Hylians to get involved and solve. Brave Link volunteers to help, and so has to enter the first few dungeons of the game to help reunite the tribes in the kingdom.
Here are some friendly characters from this era:
  • Kaepora Gaebora is a large, talking owl, who recognizes within like a sleeping heroic spirit. Introducing himself as an envoy from the Sages of old, he points out troubles that he can see from the air, leading Link and Zelda to get involved with the affairs of the tribes or avoiding bandit attacks, etc.
  • Kyri, a companion fairy. Kyri has been Link's friend for a while, and acts just like other companion fairies or companion characters in other games, like Navi, Tatl, Midna, Ciela, and Fi. She can glean information about enemies, she can highlight foes and other interesting items, and she can even glow brighter for a period of time in order to see in the dark.
  • Volvagia, a youngling dragon. Found as an egg on sale in Hyrule Market, Link buys it and takes care for it, since it stays dormant until hatching right when it is needed in the world. Similarly to the Yoshi ally of Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door, I wanted players to be able to name this little guy, as well as make the gender random. (I dunno what that would matter in-game, but it could make for interesting possibilities.) She/he would slowly gain dragon-like abilities, such as levitation and fire-breathing, after progressing through the game. 
  • Imparu, Sheikah warrior and Zelda's guardian. I'd give her her Hyrule Warriors personality alongside that look, so she knows how to command an army. But she also knows how to show concern for the princess, and sees great potential in Link. 
  • Epona, Zelda's pony. While Malon has a part to play in this time, I'd say that Epona would be Zelda's own horse, refusing to let anyone else pet her besides Zelda and Malon. As young Link progresses, Epona slowly warms up to him, eventually accepting his touch. (She's too young to be ridden safely, though.)
  • Miredo, a Kokiri. Child of the forest, living under the care of the Deku Tree. Romantic at heart, she yearns for her 'match' somewhere, even though she's very childlike. Doesn't like Dekus. She uses an improvised slingshot and local seeds to protect herself.
  • Prince Tarris, heir to the Zora throne.
  • Mizael, Guard to the Zora Royal Family, also butler to the Zora Prince. Prefers swimming, but able to hike greater distances than other waterbound Zoras. He is usually entrusted with delivering messages to distant envoys on behalf of the Zoras.
  • Ganondorf, Gerudo King. WHAT?! Ganondorf, friendly? Believe it or not, the Gerudo King is quick to accept the merger of his tribe into the greater Hyrulean kingdom. When Zelda gets kidnapped (in Hyrule Castle, no less), Ganondorf appears to know who's behind it: a faction of thieves within the Gerudo that seek to subjugate the whole land using a hidden, omnipotent treasure. Wanting to prove his loyalty to the king, he begins to scour the castle in search of the princess, only to find that Link is doing a better job at getting around than he is. (Not surprising, considering he's like 8 feet tall!) Sensing something in the boy, he agrees to accompany him (!!!) and helps rescue the princess. Of course, the King is glad for Ganondorf's loyalty, marking his willingness to give up his throne, his birthright, for the sake of peace and unity. You KNOW that there's something just off about this guy, but there's little you can do about it in this time period...
  • Dagoro, son of the Goron chief. Immediately takes a liking to Link, calling him a brother when they first meet.

Symbol for this age: A sapling, signifying the start of a journey and time.

, Link, Zelda, Kaepora Gaebora, Volvagia, Impa ("Imparu"), Ganondorf, Epona © Nintendo
Young Volvagia design © Akira Himekawa
FSA Fairy sprite by Vaati
Young Goron, young Zora sprites by Leduardo
Adult Zora sprite by King Mob
Saria sprite by Silverbolt
Ganondorf's head sprite by JoGibbs; the rest of the design was by me
All other character designs and spritework made by me
You may reference if you wish, but please:

  1. Give credit
  2. Ask permission
  3. Send me links to derivatives
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