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My Bio
Miles07 is I. The internet met me in the Autumn of 2005, when I joined my favorite forum, Metroid headquarters (hereafter MHQ), and it hasn't been able to shake me off. Hehe.

Well, I gotta say that I've liked much of the art I've seen on dA, so -- with some push from my sister, who is also on dA -- I joined up. I'm a spriter, but I'm also a sketcher, and a storywriter. Seems like the best place for me, then. So here I am. I dare you to kick me off.

Just kidding. Nonaggression is my game, anti-competition is my creed. Live and let live, and all that jazz. I'm just here to post my art and improve on my skills, that's all. So here I go.

Also find me on Twitter @ ChaosMiles07

Favourite Movies
Marvel Cinematic Universe, Star Wars series
Favourite TV Shows
24; Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., The Mandolorian
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Pink Floyd; Linkin Park; Muse
Favourite Books
C.S. Lewis's Space Trilogy and Narnia serieses; Lord of the Rings universe; Redwall series
Favourite Writers
C.S. Lewis, Michael Crichton, Clive Cussler, J.R.R. Tolkien
Favourite Games
Metroid, Zelda, Sonic, and anything shown in my Collection
Favourite Gaming Platform
SNES, but really all Nintendo consoles
Tools of the Trade
Pencil, paper, scanner, Hornil Stylepix
Other Interests
Me: already behind spriting the Zelda items in Minish Cap style Nintendo: announces new Zelda game Me: ;w; Yes! but nooo...
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Been a while

2 min read
Sorry, it's been a bit since last I updated. Thing is, I've been dealing with a few personal things going on time and time again. A year ago, I went through some really bad times with someone I was in a relationship with. And unfortunately, it wasn't a clean break. Others got involved, misinformation was spread, and, worse, stalking happened. As such, I've been minimizing the amount of time I've been spending on public-facing sites where I post life updates. (Discord servers, though, is fine, when the moderators are doing their jobs. Yay for Discord!) The mental struggle has unfortunately made me really disinterested in doing a whole lot of... art... video gaming... anything, really... over the past few months. But I have been doing things, little by little in trudging up and out of this pit. Mostly in the realms of discussing stuff relating to the Metroid fandom and brainstorming about possibilities for the future. As such, I highly doubt when, if ever, I'm going to be returning to
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2 min read
So, it's come to the forefront of my mind that I'm not likely to keep uploading works to this site, unless I can think of a really good design project / something that I feel comfortable / am allowed to share with the masses. For example, I have design concepts in mind for some fan-entries in some video game franchises... that I'm also working on with someone else, but that means revealing our works to the world, to be open for... well, theft. I'm just not sure if I want that. But then again, uploading these designs could lead to another blue tardigrade situation. Never know. May become an option... After all, I missed that chance with Sonic Forces by just not uploading my designs before something big dropped. Could've claimed theft... Could've made some noise about it. Just didn't. And then there's also the criticism... This was a year of bad things happening almost right after one another. It chips away at a person mentally. I just want some rest from it all. Anyways, I
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