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This was the scariest thing I could think of this year, even though scary isn't usually my thing. (You were expecting something cute, right?) It's some sort of horrific insectoid monster, chewing through your pumpkin to eat your face probably!

The black parts are the pumpkin, the bright parts are the cut-outs, and the midtones are varying levels of skinned pumpkin flesh, shaped with a clay loop tool.
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Oct 28, 2010, 5:00:07 PM
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MrCattyWolf's avatar
Aww, man, you should've won! This is incredible!
motor-cunt's avatar
Last time I carved a pumpkin I nearly sliced my index off with the knife I was using.
motor-cunt's avatar
You are awesome at carving pumpkins! Did you win?
ChaosKomori's avatar
Haha, nope, but it was fun anyway.
motor-cunt's avatar
U should have won! Look at the detail and skill on That monster!
ShadowHedg3hog's avatar
Do you carve a lot of pumpkins every halloween to get good at it?
ChaosKomori's avatar
No, not really. ^^ I usually just do one a year.
ShadowHedg3hog's avatar
ah okay. I wish I could if my dad would let me use the knife...anyways you are really good at carving umpkins
ChaosKomori's avatar
Well, they sell special pumpkin carving knives (they look like little saws). They're better at carving pumpkins, plus they're way safer than using a kitchen knife. Places like Walmart usually have them for 2-3 bucks around Halloween.
ShadowHedg3hog's avatar
All I can ever find are those cheesy plastic knives with elmo on them :| Ill try to look for those that you suggested though. Thanks!
wolfforce58's avatar
...are you serious? O-o; HOLY CRUD, that's really a real pumpkin?! This takes pumpkin carving to a whole new level!! O-O
MLKotP's avatar
THE most BADASS pumpkin EVER!
reddeadandhappy's avatar
Imagine waking up to this.
MarissaSunshine's avatar
Eeeek! :O (I'm supposed to scream, right!?)
Arachnid95's avatar
Oooooohhhhhh ma daaaaaaaaaaaamn... I have seen some pretty cool pumpkins, but this is just plain EPIK! Yes that s misspelled on purpose. ^^;
VioletVampireVixen's avatar
I've always wanted to try my hand at pumpkin carving, but I never got a pumpkin to carve. '|D I dont think I'd be that good anyway though, might actually end up cutting off a finger or something.

BUT THIS! Wow that's really awesome! All the drips and shading and TEETH! Like I can even see the not-canines-or-mandibles-idk-what-they-are-called :D
Adharmageddon's avatar
hahaha shit that is fucking awesome! I lke cute things but i llooove scary creepy things as well RAWRRR!!!
this is way fucking cooler than the winners
Admahum's avatar
WOW, impressive!
sambakza225's avatar
frost-enchanter's avatar
OMG, That is soo creepy!
dobbylafox's avatar
wow! thats awesome
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