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The Instrument

I'm unsure if this seems a bit too dark or not. :S The noise and colors and squiggly lines, of course, I absolutely love!

Apo + Chaotica
This image, or modifications of this image, is not to be used, reuploaded, or redistributed in any form without my prior, written permission. © ChaosFissure 2013
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Are these "grain-like" spots stars? Because they work really well!
ChaosFissure's avatar
I don't entirely remember what they are.  I think it's just an empty transform....
LukasFractalizator's avatar
No matter how they were made, it makes this really good!
OXXID's avatar
Love the colors! One of my favorites from you!
ChaosFissure's avatar
Thank you, I really love the colors in this as well :D 
KRYPT06's avatar
great piece !!!!
GurkFisk's avatar
Amazing :O

but is that done with just one "flame" or layer or whatever they are called in apophysis, or rather by using more layered above each other?
ChaosFissure's avatar
This is entirely accomplished by a single "Flame"  -- most of my renders are like this, I only have one or two which actually are layered in Photoshop.
GurkFisk's avatar
Okay, thank you for the help :)
Mufasca's avatar
ChaosFissure. would it be okay to use your beautiful art for non commercial album/song covers? ( Digitally) i am a producer and i feel that your art really connects whith what i try to express in my music.
ChaosFissure's avatar
This piece of art, as well as most of the images in my gallery, are meant to be standalone works of art.  I appreciate the inquiry -- but this piece of artwork, as well as many others in my gallery -- will be signed and sold as prints in the future. Out of respect to anyone who may purchase a piece of artwork intended for this purpose, I cannot allow them to be used for such a purpose.

Additionally, you mention that you are a producer, yet you don't mention what you're wanting this for.  The decision in my first paragraph still holds; also know that I will not blindly give up my artwork, especially when absolutely no specifics are given on the part of the person asking (i.e. type of music, band name, samples of their music, proof of producing, and so forth).
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It's that photoshop? o.o
ChaosFissure's avatar
No -- it is a fractal work created in Apophysis and rendered in Chaotica.
EvaMcqueen's avatar
beautiful ! cheers !
ChaosFissure's avatar
Thank you very much ^_^
Kinrift's avatar
Very lovely! The colours and all are beautiful! :la:
ChaosFissure's avatar
Thank you very much ^_^ I really like how the colors turned out myself!
beautifulchaos1's avatar
I like it! It's electrifying! Good job!
ChaosFissure's avatar
Thank you very much :)
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Thank you very much, I'm glad you like it!
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