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Tears of a Dying Star



Even stars can't live forever. Some of them are so lonely there, out in space...

~OutsideFate shared some amazing params, and this is what resulted from it.

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The spiral in itself is a beauty, the multi-colors appear like last blasts of memory from a very long life ... this what gets that white center, right ...bursting back to white light, into nothing.
The idea is superb in itself, the technique is still a bit 'dodgy'. The white center could have been blended more smoothly and I would say, the size in comparison to the whole image is way to big. Maybe adding another star shape within it, with bright cracking colors would add more interest and anchor the 'dying star'.
The spots on the spiral leaves - that is the biggest miss, they don't look like tears or water - different blend, using just white would have been way better. Maybe screen mode could fix that, lots of room to try for sure ...
Good idea - more work needed.