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I'm really loving fire themes lately if you can't tell.  This originally started out as Firefox going haywire and burning the world to a crisp ( [  ], just to joke around), but I was told it was a biiiit too messy, so I revised it and added more colors than just blue and orange! XD

Edit:  Slight changes to the framing to kill some negative space.

Apo + Chaotica

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quite pretty. is this a single fractal or a composite? much post?
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Everything I upload as a "raw fractal" out of Apophysis/Chaotica is a single fractal.
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very impressive. lots of triangles? ;)
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Only six including the final transform, if that's what you're asking :P
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love the way they shine and the black and orange and red mix
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That's my favorite part of the image, personally, and I'm glad you like how it works as well :D
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first i want to say i like this version. I tend to get into fantasy so thing that came to mind for me here was two elemental beings meeting. there's all this movement and from this point anything could happen but in just this smallest fraction of a moment we can't predict what it will be.
second i disagree that the other was too "messy" it's art and you're an artist, be true to your gut. In looking at the "firefox goes crazy" original it made me think of time i'd spent in a lab looking through a microscope at at a nucleus and cytoplasm... but far more fantastic. like the birth of a creature in space, or the heart of a sun. anyway, thanks for sharing.
sometimes art is messy, sometimes it's jarring and disconcerting to look at. a lot like life. anyway thank you, please keep creating and exploring ^_^ 
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Fantasy is something my mind thrives on, and as my ability to draw fantastic scenes is very limited, I use fractals as a way to present abstract versions of them in concept, depth, emotion, and texture instead.  I'm glad you found this interesting!

Now, as an artist, there's a difference between "making something and liking that you finally have something" versus "being mostly happy with something you made a while after the fact" or "trying different things out from time to time" to learn and expand what I can do.  If I only ever made stuff that "my gut" told me was cool, I'd probably not ever have moved on to using color schemes containing more muted tones, which I really have come to enjoy.  If I feel ambivalent about how something looks, I generally ask for second opinions on things.

Creating and exploring is something I enjoy doing, and I don't intend to stop doing so anytime soon!
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DUUUDE. It's like a vicious chemical reaction of death. I love it.
And I personally really like the original one. It's so warm and glowy.
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Burning can be a violent chemical reaction, that's for sure! I liked the original one myself, but I wasn't able to put more "earth" tones in the earth when I worked on it, and wished to define the sphere slightly more, and in the process of trying to alter these arrived at what you see above!  It definitely is interesting seeing how an image progresses , sometimes I think I should just do a timelapse of making something, as I tend to save all the intermediate steps anyway, as I think people might find that interesting.
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Definitely, it's so fun to save in-between phases to see how everything evolves. I would love to see a timelapse :D
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it static waves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I generally envision static to be more RGB-speckled, mostly gray noise, though I do see what you're saying in some of the elements of this image.
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