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Running the River

By ChaosFissure
Apo + Chaotica
This image, or modifications of this image, is not to be used, reuploaded, or redistributed in any form without my prior, written permission. © ChaosFissure 2013
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© 2013 - 2021 ChaosFissure
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LukasFractalizator's avatar
Oh my god :faint:... So gorgeous! :love: Just like some old vintage photo!
JessHavok's avatar
This speaks to me. Wish I could put it on my wall. I never really care for, or see meaning in abstracts, but this one... I feel something here.
Enivid88's avatar
looks like a River :D, only cooler. . . . 
guagapunyaimel's avatar
love this so much. <3
ChaosFissure's avatar
Thank you very much ^_^  A successful experiment, I think!
feldrand's avatar
btw. very cool work... :D

did you try to turn it 90° against the clock?
ChaosFissure's avatar
I prefer this framing better for some reason. I just think it looks more appropriate to me, even though it would be a physically bizarre angle to look at something from XD
feldrand's avatar
yes, i understand that - okies... :D
feldrand's avatar
i just wrote this to "tatasz" last submission, and it fits here as well: if you had posted this under traditional paintings, no one would have smelled the rat, haha... :D
ChaosFissure's avatar
There's a few of my pieces that I could probably do that for...but I have no desire to misrepresent what I'm doing, even though some of I do could easily be mistaken for a traditional painting.
feldrand's avatar
yes, i see... i once made a little joke of it and posted some of my photomanips under fractal manipulations and claimed them to be made in a programme, that simply didn`t exist - well it was merely a joke...
a manip of a photo of my matrass...…
lyc's avatar
looks awesomely like lightning :)
ChaosFissure's avatar
I've yet to try making anything that's like lightning, but perhaps I should try sometime soon.  The shape is very similar!
BoxTail's avatar
ChaosFissure's avatar
What is 'whahahaaa' about it :o
BoxTail's avatar
It's about awesomeness =D
ChaosFissure's avatar
Thank you!  I was messing around with curves and suddenly a river appeared! XD
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