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At the moment, it's 65F/18C, which hardly feels like winter, and the humidity didn't make it any better.  This is my attempt to convey that XD

Apo + Chaotica

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That smooth blending of colours is so awesome! It make me stare at it the whole time!
I love the expression of this picture! Feels just like something from a new and vibrant generation tearing of the boundary! Can I use it as my desktop picture?
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You're welcome to use it as a personal desktop background. :)
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Stunning colors and shape!
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Simply beautiful! The sense of movement in your work is incredible! <3
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You should sell this as a print. I would totally buy one
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Eventually I'll have a site up and sell some of my things as prints, but my first concern at the moment is getting through college and finding a job.  Art is just a hobby for me right now, and unless I have a sense that I'd be able to make a reasonable, consistent bit of money from my artwork (which I do not), I'd prefer to wait until I feel like I have time enough to do so.

I do appreciate that you like this enough to say that though :)
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Can you provide this as a 1920x1080 image so I can use it as a wallpaper? It would be absolutely brilliant.
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This eventually will be released in wallpaper size up to 1920x1200.  Patience :)
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Wonderful, full of color and movement. Exciting !
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Gorgeous. This left me speechless. Thanks for this wonderful piece.
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I make artwork for personal enjoyment and upload it so that others might also enjoy it.  I'm glad you like how it looks!
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Honestly, I can't get over this piece. It's been my desktop picture since I've first seen it, and it always seems like something fresh and inspiring whenever I look at it.

Yeah, I think that making art to satisfy something within ourselves is a great motivation. My best video game project up to date was a project I'd started because I really wanted to play what I had in mind, regardless of others' take on it, and in the end many others ended up enjoying it as well.

Thanks for sharing your works, I've really been enjoying then : -)
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Totally powerful. Nice work
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lucky it -5 F out here
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How to put into words, what I feel when I see this incredible creation?  Every single inch, the colors, the form, the fusion of every element. Amazing!!!
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Thank you for the complements :)  Expressing opinions on artwork is not always easy!
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This is mind blowing, amazing!
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Thank you, I'm glad to hear that you like it!
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