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The smoke finally cleared, the flags had finished burning.  The remnants of this once-dominant civilization were reduced to a smoldering pile of ash, resigned to be forgotten for all history...

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kdyzm's avatar
Although i can't understand what's this,it's very beautiful ~
ChaosFissure's avatar
Thank you :)

To me, it is the scene I wrote in the description - The smoke finally cleared, the flags had finished burning.
AntonioCremades's avatar
There are a lot of your artworks that I like but some impact more in my retina. This is one of them. I love it
arni7530's avatar
hi, I cant get it out of my head, what was it you were listening to when you gave life to this one?
ChaosFissure's avatar
In all honesty, I wasn't listening to any music.  I had some random stuff on Youtube in the background, but nothing structured in a way that really would alter what I would create emotionally in the same way that music would.
arni7530's avatar
:o (Eek) , next time invite me and I'll make sure you drink some music with your design
Katakikun's avatar
I will never grow tired of your artwork, if i could cover my house with its glory I would forever be happy.
ChaosFissure's avatar
I would cover my house with it if I could...but first I'd need a house!  I'm still being stupid and indecisive about selling my artwork online, so I apologize that the opportunity to do so is not possible at the moment.
Katakikun's avatar
That's fine, as the artist you reserve every right to be picky about selling your art xD
Sokomin's avatar
those swishes really makes it intensifying and really draws my eyes all over the piece!
ChaosFissure's avatar
Thank you!  The flow of the shapes reminded me of burning banners and flags, which is what I tried to hold on to when I was working on the last stretch of this.
Imakegoodsushi's avatar
This has to be my favourite piece of yours thus far. I can't even describe why, it's just absolutely incredible. 
silverwing47's avatar
Awestruck as always
DraGoonMS's avatar
Rapid development there, gorgeous forms to go with! Always a feast to view.
arni7530's avatar
Are you really going to leave us starve here?Confused 
ChaosFissure's avatar
It's just the title of the piece of artwork :lmao:  I don't have any intentions of kicking the bucket for quite a while...
arni7530's avatar
If you ever name something that's it, for now or anything sounding remotely quitish again Sherlock Holmes 
ChaosFissure's avatar
Hah, well one thing I'm trying to do is figure out ways to engage those who follow me more interactively than just viewing artwork or reading comments.  The more active and engaged people who view my artwork are, the more I'll stick around :P
arni7530's avatar
:happybounce: I'm very actively waiting for new posts. well I'm figuring out some things too, you have another talent which is to make me look ridiculous with your comments=P (Razz)  
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