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Painting a Fractal, Part 1

A tutorial explaining how to make fractals that look more like paintings.

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If you make something with this, please show me!
If you have suggestions or corrections, please let me know so I can make this as accurate and helpful as possible.

Results from this tutorial:

Yesterday's Clouds by ChaosFissure Dulaman by Leichenengel Noxi0us by DOMINATOR60 blossom by piethein21

Part 2:

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Hi I new to Chaotica and would like some tuition these are lovely pictures and you say there is a tutorial but I cannot find  it could you please advice
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This explicitly goes over Apophysis steps. The other tutorial can be found in the resources section of my gallery, which I'd be happy to link when I get home if you're unable to find it.
It seems that all attempts at getting around it, I'm still not able to use Apo on my Mac High Sierra (wine can no longer read the new HS codes so I can't use that,  (exhausted from trying all suggestions that don't want to work).  Is there any way to do this just with Chaotica?  Thanks.
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Sure, this tutorial can be done using only Chaotica.  It has an editor too :)
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I search for someone who can make action or script to export (rendering) all .chaos file from one folder to .png.
I m ready to pay this automatic action or script... If You can do that or if You know someone... 

Thank You
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Sadly, Chaotica doesn't support command line rendering otherwise I'd probably have a script I could freely share :|
BetiBup33's avatar
Thank You very much... Reason is that i have power PC on job, and i can preparing many chaos files to better rendering there... now i must loose time, and time waiting to render them all..
Thank You for understanding.
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Nice tutorial! I made this with it.
I don't know why, but it doesn't work :D :D :D
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Well, what have you tried?  If you can share what you've done, or parameters of what you have, I can try to offer some advice that might help!
I did everything as you said. But if I try to rescale form, nothing happens :D I have only blank space as at the beginning
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Have you checked that the gradient is not black or dark at the left side, and that the gamma and brightness are set above zero?  If you can share parameters, it'd be easy for me to see what's going on.
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I used this tutorial here. Thank you. :) I might render it again with chaotica later.
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A so stunning tutorial :clap:
Lior-Art's avatar
...speechless... :wow:
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I hope you find it interesting and useful :)  If you've any questions, feel free to ask!
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You're flame is rendering so I had to  continue to work with my second PC.
I have to experiment this flame and your tutorial.
I'll show you my first render.
I was illustrating an artwork called ReposeInHell or RunLikeHell.That's to say as I thought it's possible to make sci-fi artwork and may be spiritual artwork.
I wish I'll reach my goal 'cause if I know by heart you tutorial, I have to go beyond this tutorial.I need other sci-fi tutorials but not yet found.
Analogy: I know how to turn a landscape into infrared colours so I often use this tutorial I learnt about InfraRed in my photo-manipulation.
Nice for me to meet you.
Haven't you received the invitation to my group DA-Creativity ?
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Awesome tut! I can use these for space backdrops very nicely!
koliko-slova's avatar
great ! thanks 
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how do you exactly do cylinder+pre-blur?

Is it in two different iterators?
Is the pre-blur in the pre-transform or in the same transform of cylinder?

I can't seem to get the sun rays.
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Pre-blur basically blurs the transform before the cylinder variations is applied.  In Apophysis, this means that it should be applied with another variation (cylinder, in this case) on the same transform.

If you're using Chaotica (and judging by your choice of words, it seems that way), you have better blurring options, which are still done within the same iterator:
 - Pre- or Post-transform contains a real blur (gaussian, radial_gaussian, sineblur, etc)
 - The normal transform contains the cylinder.

Technically, the cylinder+preblur is just meant for structure and body - cylinder is the filler (and creates hard edges) and preblur blurs the cylinder.  Let me know if this helps!
Xzcouter's avatar
Yeah I am using Chaotic and yes it helped :D.

Just a couple more questions. When you say that the preblur has a large value how large should it be? and should the cylinder still be a small value at around .001?

EDIT: Oh and how do you make those blurred specks of light in your fractals?
ChaosFissure's avatar
Uh, it's been probably years since I've used cylinder as an effect.  Basically, the two act together i this way:

 - High values of Preblur: the shape of the blurred cylinder becomes very elongated - you'll see a longer cylinder and it'll be more of a blended color.
 - Low values of Preblur: the cylinder will not be as long, and you might make out some detail from the cylinder portion if it's small enough.
 - High values of Cylinder: The cylinder becomes wide.
 - Low values of Cylinder: The cylinder becomes very narrow.

The values you need to use are really situation-dependent.  I don't know what would work well in your own fractal - my rule of thumb is to basically start at a small value and multiply it by 2 until it seems to be undesirable, and then narrow that upper and lower bound until I'm happy with how it looks.  If you want really small lines, 0.001 will work, but I think you could try up to 0.1 if you find it too narrow.

The blurred specks of light are weird things called "empty transforms" - if you have a transform (or iterator) with no variations, it will have speckle noise in it due to it collecting shape and density, but not distributing it back out.  You want a really low weight on these - 0.01 is generally as high as I'd go - but they do add some fun grain effects!  For them to glow, you can post transform gaussian at really small values (0.01, 0.001, somewhere around there) on an empty transform.  Be sure to change the coloring on that iterator so that you can see them though!
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