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Painting a Fractal 2

Chaotica website to download: [link]

Haven't read part 1 yet? Click here: [link]

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If you make something with this, please show me!
If you have suggestions or corrections, please let me know so I can make this as accurate and helpful as possible.

There's only so much one can do when making a tutorial. I would have loved to explain this via a video tutorial, but my abilities to do video editing probably aren't that great. Plus, I don't think I could have done a voiceover for it either :/ Anyways, if you're interested in learning more or seeing a live demonstration of this, then feel free to note me and I probably could work something out!

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You should check out my artwork I made with your tutorial.
AkihiroTsuchiya's avatar
Thank you so much!
:D (Big Grin) Hug :D (Big Grin) 
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is there a version for Windows XP?  I tried using the latest version (windows 32 bit) and I get an error on installation so it never finishes installing, running Windows XP Home edition Service Pack 3- 32 bit.
ChaosFissure's avatar
Um, I'm not entirely sure; I've not used XP in over four years.  My guess would be that installing the latest C++ redistributables / .net framework might be necessary prerequisites, as it is stated that it works on windows XP.
FracFx's avatar
it probably is a .Net or SDK problem , I can't download those though, I'm on a public library pc (no home internet) :/
It doesn't work on XP with SP2 though, no big deal, I get good results using apo's internal renderer and the newest 7x version has the curves option.
LMcentury21's avatar
ChaosFissure's avatar
The texture and color, particularly in the middle left, is very nice :D  Thanks for sharing the result!
BoxTail's avatar
Woah, finally I did some cool fractal art [link]
Feeling super right now ~^____^~

Thanks for tutorial ^^!
CopperColour's avatar
Thanks a lot for the link to newer versions of Chaotica. There is one for Mac which will help me a lot. :)
CopperColour's avatar
I'll have a go with your two tuts.
I am pretty rotten with Apophysis but I like it a lot.
I wish it wasn't so log to render. I'll try Chaotica for anything I make with your tuts.
Thanks a lot. :)
ChaosFissure's avatar
If you need small scale renders done (i.e. size of what I use my renders at or less), you're welcome to pass them my way. I've rendered stuff for people before - so long as it's not an outrageous request, I probably would be willing to do it :o

Not a problem, I'm glad that you enjoy this :D If you have any questions, you're more than welcome to ask!
CopperColour's avatar
Thanks for the offer. It's OK, I've just devoted an old laptop to Apo and FE. I can render on it as long as necessary.
I use a Mac and have to put Parallels on it to use Windows. It slows everything and is a bother to open. :)
LeonieZurakowsky's avatar
ChaosFissure's avatar
I'm going to be making a few in the near future as well - one of them should be a better tutorial for chaotica that demonstrates some of the painting techniques I use more effectively :o

I'm glad you like this :D It's nice to hear that people find it useful!
Lupsiberg's avatar
Thank you very much for sharing :bow: :sun:
ChaosFissure's avatar
Not a problem :) There's more I wish I could have shared, but unfortunately was unable to include in this tutorial :/
Margot1942's avatar
Thanks for share. I will try it out soon. :-)
ChaosFissure's avatar
Not a problem :) I look forward to seeing what you make from it!
piethein21's avatar
cant believe i overlooked this :O
I'm messing around now having fun :)
though when i put gamma up up up. i cannot always reach the brightness i want. any tips on that?

+ it gave me awesomesauce idea :D
why not make an animation of a painterish fractal :O I think that hasnt been done before (since all animations ive seen come from either apo or flam3 4 whatever) .
ChaosFissure's avatar
You don't always need to throw gamma super high. I've been finding recently that you can go high brightness and moderate gamma (10-50 gamma, 100-500 brightness) and that will give a better sense of lighting. And then :whisper: you can bump the gamma threshold up a bit (.5-5) for possible texturing ;o

Hmm, an animation would be fun, but if I do all this stuff with chaotica color curves, it would be hard to make an animation from it all. I suppose I could try at some point though!
piethein21's avatar
ah ok thats a nice tip :)
... gamma treshold gives a boundry on which points get rounded down to zero (black) or not? on such pieces i always put it on 0 :O
i'll check the possibility's in my next render :)

for the colour curves, you dont have to redo them on each frame. when it reloads without restarting chaotica it will remember the curves of the last (at least thats what it do when copy pasting while already having a flame there). this means you only have to do the curves on your first frame and the rest will inheret (or whatever you write that) the settings of the first. i think it works that way ....
ChaosFissure's avatar
The last time I checked chaotica, it does funky things to the colors if the curves aren't reset :3 Maybe this has been changed, but I honestly don't know.
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