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At last.  It's a welcome sight to the eyes, and yet even more wondrous now that I ever thought possible. Home, while nothing other than a speck of dust in the universe, means far more to me now than it ever has.  What a beautiful sunrise, and wonderful time to settle down and regain some semblance of normalcy until the call of the universe beacons me once again...

The last of the planets!  Though there will be a bonus "ground view" of a nebula tomorrow :ninja:

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I can't help but hear the Universal Studio's intro music when looking at this :XD: It certainly has that cinematic feel to it 8-)
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Hmmm, now you have me pondering about animating this just see what kind of effect it would have!
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Sounds like a long render time though :faint:
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Perhaps it would take a while, but I can easily render it overnight and when I'm gone at work during the day -- it could be doable if I wanted to try it :D
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Do you mean "Beckon"? You said "beacons" instead.
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Will be sad to see no more of this! It was excellent planetary path!
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Ahh, I'm not saying that I won't ever revisit this, or make more space art as I explore and uncover the ability to do so :D
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Absolutely fantastic. Words more than that cannot describe how impressed I am by this creation.Its detail and design mimic the nature of a planet to practical perfection; the blues of the ocean are separated excellently with the browns of the land, while wisps and trails of white move across the world's sky to create an atmospheric effect. And, of course, there's that lovely horizon effect to top it all off. :D
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That horizon effect was in like all the planets in some form :lmao:
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Indeed, hence the "of course" in my statement. :lmao:
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Actually looks a tad like earth :P
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Yeah, I guess I made a more solid "earth" back in the day -- Home  XD  This particular one was meant to focus on the whole ambiance of the ... planetshine/sunrise/<insert technically correct term here>?
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I love this series you've been working on. Great work. The structure is great and the colors are simply beautiful!
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Thank you!  It's been a blast working on these.  I think that I've learned a lot about coloring things and how to work with this newfangled xaos shenanigans!
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