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New Mountains to Climb

By ChaosFissure
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Well, college is finally finished.  Onward and upward, hopefully!  I still need to find a job, but I'm definitely glad that I can take a break from the education environment for a while; while I've had some absolutely amazing teachers, I just want to do something a bit more practical for a bit XD

Anyway, yeah, this is a bit of a personal piece especially in regards to the textures and colors that I am using.  An attempted "modern" interpretation of a style that I employed a lot in the past -- I guess it's somewhat of an acknowledgment of what I've accomplished, while recognizing that there's new stuff straight in front of me that I totally am unfamiliar with.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy it!

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cosmic intensity.

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it's sooo amazing :OO I love it!
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amazing approach! At fist glance, it reminds me of acrylic / oil painting! I love it!
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Thank you!  I really love that aesthetic -- textures, styles, colors -- and I'm glad that my artwork seems similar to it!  I've worked on this style for a few years, and I constantly find it refreshing to work with :D
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Nice job. I would love to use at as the cover for my bands upcoming EP
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So would about fifteen other people, or more :P
ChaosFissure's avatar
Thank you for the feature!  There's so much amazing stuff in it, and I'm honored that this was included with it :)
cmckibbinphotos's avatar
Amazing work, thanks for sharing :)
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Thank you for the comment!  I enjoy sharing what I make, as people seem to not mind me doing so :)
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This might very well be my favourite fractal of all time ...

Damn it's hard to tell, I have all these other amazing fractals that come to mind, mostly ones from you as well. Why are you so goddam good, thank you god for giving him to us. XD
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There's a good many things that I like about this fractal, particularly the textures that it contains.   This particular image was actually made because I wanted to do some texture spam with a "fuller" appearance than what I was working with for the last few fractals.  Although I personally like this a lot myself, it's not my favorite piece of artwork that I've made ;p

My goal when making fractals is to represent a scene, energy, and emotion all bundled up into one image in a way that speaks to at least myself.  I find there's more creative control in doing that than there is in creating a "traditional" fractal.  Although I consider what I do at its core incredibly simple in theory, I really am unable to explain what motivates me and dictates what I do what I do during my creative process in any logical way. :3
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Yeah you often seem to make fractals for specific reasons, practice, running experiments sort of. Much cooler motivation than 'ohoho, I'll maek sm cool arts n I'll get favourites huhu' like I often thought before lol.

I would be VERY curious to see what your favourites are. I was rather depressed last winter (seriously, I spent months of my winter break just staying in bed torturing myself with dark thoughts, not wanting to see anyone or do anything). I had this… as background, and it lightened my day a little bit everytime, thanks a lot. Your work and Hayao Miyazaki's help me through I guess. Anyway, it's probably my favourite piece for these reasons.

"My goal when making fractals is to represent a scene, energy, and emotion all bundled up into one image in a way that speaks to at least myself." The scene part really interests me, and I think it makes up a lot of the intensity of your pieces. They evoke an interaction, a tension, a contrast. Something happens in your pieces, it's not just a flower being a flower.

I really am unable to explain what motivates me and dictates what I do what I do during my creative process in any logical way. :3" That is one of the reasons I admire your work so much. I see a lot of fractals around, some that I enjoy quite a bit, but nothing comes close to this. It's not just technique, it's a sense you have. You made me feel like getting into fractals, but I soon thought back and realized what I want to seek is your talent, the emotion and power you put into your pieces, and it's not just by learning technically how to make fractals that I'll be able to do that. But just by reading about your reflexions behind a piece, that you embed emotions and interactions in them, that already guides my thought a lot.
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My reason for making artwork is literally "because I enjoy it and want to explore more stuff." I enjoy that people fav my stuff, but it's certainly not as rewarding as good comments or discussions that I can have with people.  While what I do seems to be fairly popular as fractals go, I can't believe what I have done has become as appreciated as it is.

Out of all my artwork, my favorite images are here [… ] , with Lament being at the top of the list at the moment.  I certainly can give you reasons for it if you want my rationale behind it.

...wait what, you're putting my work in a similar league with the mastermind behind Ghibli?  I don't even know what to say about that o.o

Artwork is a complicated thing, and every artist has ways they enjoy creating artwork. My own mind drives me to create something that it considers "epic," and I'm glad that I have a way that I can express it that engages my mind in its entirety.  As for your final paragraph, it's an interesting thing to hear. It's an honest introspection, and has yielded a lot of insight to myself as well, so I appreciate that you shared it :)
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Well I can only agree with that motivation. And I'm not surprised when I read comments like "you are by far one of the most awesome abstract artists i've seen in a good while ! great work :) (Smile)" on your artworks, your work is very powerful and I think most can notice that right away. The colors are breath-taking, the shapes ... I mean it's abstract, and often the minimized, distant preview looks as good as the real thing, so it surely catches peoples' attention a lot.

I'm surprised with Lament. It's a very pretty one, but in those tones or genre if I may, I liked your piece 'Ember' better.

Ah no I don't mean to compare them. What I can compare is the positive effect they had on me when I was feeling depressed. Those days were really weird, I would sleep well over 12h a day, and then wake up and feel down. I kept your image Restrained… as desktop pretty much the whole way through, and when I'd stare at it it amazed me everytime ... Like, I felt very empty right? And it just seemed like this was something I could connect with, I could find brightness and positivity from. Lol, I recall at least one time I just stared at it for several minutes, and I thought damn this is beautiful. During those days I'd often watch Ghibli movies at night with my dad, and that's an other thing that really helped me, they completely made me forget about myself and my little problems and just made me feel something else you know? The emotion in studio Ghibli's titles is so strong, it just took over all the rest, atleast while I was watching, and usually for the rest of the night until I slept. So anyway, I mean obviously the styles are not comparable, but both of your works just reach out to me a lot.

Oh by the way, don't think I'm an overly sensitive permanently depressed type of person, like this summer has been pure happiness, it's almost unbelievable lol. I guess it's been very roller-coaster-ish this year, like I have a really hard time understanding how I could be so down throughout last winter.

: -P
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wow i love the sense of depth, movement, and vibrancy in this piece. it's like fiery clouds or something. it's almost like i can dive into this piece in a 3d and also a 2d plane, if that makes sense (like the 2d version would actually be sort of a 3d collage, but also the visual effect of a 3d space within a 2d image...)
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and they just keep getting higher and steeper.. :) nice piece and best of luck with your future endeavours :highfive: 
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I'm usually not very much into paintings like these, but this is truly captivating! Love the colours and the sense of movement. *.*
ChaosFissure's avatar
Thank you very much ^_^  "Paintings" might be a misnomer because it's entirely digital -- a fractal, not something drawn by hand -- though I do try to emulate a "painted" / "painterly" style in what I create!
Nightpark's avatar
Well, you had me fooled. ;D It's hard to believe it's not painted, the style is definitely spot on!
You're welcome! ^^
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