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Too much Zelda music on my playlist recently results in this.  What can I say, though...I'm a sucker for piano in game music ;_;

10/27/16: Updated with much needed change to framing, and some different Chaotica imaging settings.

Apo + Chaotica

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completeseoservices's avatar
Stunning. Very emotive piece!
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You know.. I think i just saw a little clue... "I'm a sucker for piano in game music." 

I mean this actually looks like a Giant Fiery Astral Octopus
ChaosFissure's avatar
xD  Certainly not to me!
ArcherBlack's avatar
I love the light-play in this one. I am making an art feature journal and I want to feature three of your pieces along with works of some other people on dA - the feature's theme is "everything abstract". You will receive full credit.
The journal will be posted in a moment but your art will only be featured after your permission (if you will permit it naturally), if you want to see how it works with me, you can visit my profile and check it.
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Wow. It is very stunning.
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I think you're right to consider this your favourite. There's great dynamism, sense of atmosphere, figurative shape and furthermore it seems nicely framed in composition without too much chaotic structure. Unity is further enhanced by the mirroring of foreground forms (the key 'dancing figures') with backdrop (looks like two smaller/darker copies dancing to the back left).
ChaosFissure's avatar
I appreciate the constructive feedback :) When I normally represent fire, it's about heat and a burning glow with outward and explosive energy.  In this case, it has much more soul, more turmoil, and is self-contained rather than expansive.  The emotion I take from the scene resonates in my mind; this was far more strongly shaped by music and nostalgia than most of my artwork.  It also has a very strong "scenic" quality to the content (ground, depth, objects further away and radiant light).  Although I consider Phaethic Escapade technically superior in framing and balance (and at a time was tied with this for my favorite image), I find the emotion I extract from this more meaningful to me now.

I'm ever so slowly working on a related piece to this (same inspiration source, different scene from the game), and hope to have it finished by like 2025 lmao: Lament 2; maybe replaying the game again will give me the motivation I need to finish it.
cosmicbound's avatar
 Phaethic Escapade is impressive too, but I think you've summed up an important distinction between (fine) art and technical craft. A sense of emotion is an essential component of artistic composition. Emotion is like the blood in the veins of the work, build on the bones of technique...

Lament 2 is coming along nicely! La la la la Looks like duelling mages.
Tatoonthesky's avatar
I'm trying to understand how you did this, but it's impossible. .-.
Wow, this is so beautiful! I personally don't know Zelda, but I didn't know anything could inspire such awesomeness. Looking at all your work, I want to know how your brain functions. I mean like seriously breaking it down and observing every single cell, because your work is just too cool.
ChaosFissure's avatar
I think knowing how my brain functions wouldn't help anything.  Then again, I really don't know how it works entirely either -- and despite my analytical nature, I would prefer to just enjoy doing some things rather than needing to understand how exactly I do them.

I've tried to understand how I do things, and there's a combination of continuously firing pattern-recognition, combined simultaneously with gut feelings of what I like or don't like (and the whole "gut feelings" thing isn't something I have yet been able to explain logically).

I will note that I intend to stream (trying to) make artwork tomorrow -- both headset stuff and screen sharing (should be found in my journal if you want information on it), so that would be as good a place as any to see and ask things as I'm working on stuff. XD
HCRonin's avatar
My god. This is amazing. The colours just pull me in.

I disappear, come back and find this.

ChaosFissure's avatar
This is tied with Phaethic Escapade for my favorite thing that I've ever made.  I really love how it is an amazing source of inspiration, and as much of what I make is affected by my own state of mind, I think the emotion in the image itself is much stronger than it is in most of my other work.

I don't know where you went, but it's very good to hear from you, that's for sure :D  I hope you're doing well these days!  If you want to chat or something, feel free to note me and I'll give you my skype or something.
HCRonin's avatar
I..uhm.. lost my Skype details AND my MSN details. The one I used for everything related to AE. 
I'll leave you a note in a few days once I figure it out? I'm a bit low on time right now.
And yes, we REALLY need to talk. It's been long.
ChaosFissure's avatar
Take as much time as you need!  I look forward to it!
Xenofish's avatar
awesome, I like the shapes of this whole piece
Katakikun's avatar
Am I allowed to use this as wallpaper?
Because it's just jaw-breaking.
ChaosFissure's avatar
Certainly.  Provided you don't upload the image to wallpaper sites, claim it as your own, or things to that extent, I have absolutely no issues with you doing so :)
Katakikun's avatar
Thankyou, I have now done so :D
Sasplayer's avatar
Wow nice render or drawing.Well i don't really know if it's a render or a drawin' but it looks very nice.
I can't understand the picture either except i do understand its like fire or something :D
ChaosFissure's avatar
It indeed is a render :)  I'm glad you like how it looks, even if it's a bit abstract to understand.  If you've ever played Twilight Princess, then I can offer perhaps a better analogy that might help :o
Kokamiii's avatar
Nice work!   XD  If you want and we get to meet each other.  I can teach you how to play One Summers Day in spirited away!   Piano guy here so yeah :D
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