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Heat Shield

Exploring planets using raw fractals.  Super fun stuff :D  This is probably the most dramatic of the mix unless I come up with something crazy over this weekend (which very well could happen!).  I hope you all enjoy this, because I sure was both surprised that what I was working on became a planet, and because this was a ton of fun to create as well :D

Apo + Chaotica

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Your works are extraordinary thank you for sharing new friend I’m in awe of what can only be extreme RAW TALENT

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You are on fire with this one thank you 
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The reds are so breathtaking!
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I have played enough Universe Sandbox to know what's going on here :D. Awesome work anyways.
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I thought of a phoenix *o*
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Needs some lore to go along with it, heh
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so cool, and that just shows how our ozonosphere works.
awsome work, what i lliked the most was the small tiny particles - the small details and the color was used for the paint
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Thank you!  Fractals are inherently good at doing those kind of details/effects ;)
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Amazing! It's so wonderful! :love:
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AH, AS FOR ME : I feel always that the Space Design depend on the Fake Action like Lighting and Shadow and some of the experience of the Designer how to give his Inspirational tools ,, So here in this Artwork , the space design not depending on too much colors as I see in this planet , but some designers falling always in the faults of thinking that the dark or deep space sometimes need too much colors ,,,No the Equation here is totally wrong , We should Know that there are to much small stars give this impact the player should know this and try to give his planet just sense or conceptual colors that guid viewers to go inside his thoughts as a message of Art as Always we said ..........Using too much colors is Old Ideas from long Ago . Today we running after the Sense of Color or creating new Color Concepts as I said ,,,
Wish you all the best Habibi
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can't say anythinG... IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL AND FANTASTIC...
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I love the contrast between the shied and the destruction, this is super cool!
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Thank you!  I love working with fire in its various forms, and am really psyched with how it worked out -- especially on the planet itself!
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Fire within, why do you keep my fire out?
We are next-of-kin! Where is the trust? Why so much doubt?
For eons I have knocked upon your door, but your refusal remains.
Brother, I have shown steadfast mercy, but no more! I'm done playing games!
I remain the smartest, wisest, strongest! Father's favor was wrongfully enthralled!
He should have loved me best, he should have loved me more than all...
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It reminds of these sci-fi films when sun went mad and was shooting plasma projectiles at random planets. :dummy: So cool :dummy:
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So coool!!!!!!!!

it looks like planet being destroyed by thier sun ;-;
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Except it has a heat shield :dummy:
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