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Frozen Feathers

It was cold outside, enough to feel refreshing, but not overwhelmingly so.  The sense of serenity and tranquility provided by this atmosphere is too easy to forget, and wanting to enjoy it longer, I kept walking until reaching a clearing in the distance.  I stopped and looked down upon the towns and fields that dotted the world below me, their dull glow illuminating darkness like fireflies.  As I turned to head back to my home, a ghostly blue glow on the corners of my eyes caught my attention.  What I saw is something I'll never forget...even if nobody else believes it.

It's kinda strange, Articuno is the only legendary bird of ice or snow that really seems to stand out.  It's kinda weird how the Phoenix is so prevalent in many mythological stories, but there's not any type of frozen or water counterpart to it that I've been able to easily find.  There probably are some that exist somewhere, but they're entirely beyond my scope of knowledge at the moment.

I did want to do something ice-related.  And with as wonderful as the temperature has been in the mornings these days (it's so enjoyable and relaxing just to walk!), I've been strangely motivated to make something about that.  Anyway, I hope you all enjoy it :D </text wall>

Updated 11 October 2015:  Things are sharper, and there's more magical dotted things everywhere.  The dots were in the previews but somehow wanted to hide in the final render.

Apo + Chaotica + Chaotica 2

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perzarus's avatar
So beautiful!
Rose-Chaan's avatar
Wow! This is amazing! :D
ChaosFissure's avatar
I'm glad you like it :D  I really enjoy how this turned out!
Rose-Chaan's avatar
Your art are really amazing! :D I love it! Hinata-smile 
Topaz-Highway-888's avatar
absolutely perfect much !!!
ChaosFissure's avatar
Thank you! I don't think it's perfect, but I'm sure as heck proud of it :D
Daveyburr's avatar
Damn this is so sick!
love your work Sir . can i know what program you use Sir it will really helpful 
mistral168's avatar
ChaosFissure's avatar
I'm glad you enjoy it!
I don't know what I'm looking at, but I'm definitely loving it. :D
Christopher-Sheppard's avatar
love love love this feeling!
ChaosFissure's avatar
Thank you :D  What type of feeling do you have, if I my ask? 
Christopher-Sheppard's avatar
freedom in ice and cold bliss...kinda like the peppermint York patty commercials
ChaosFissure's avatar
Haha, the type of chill in the fall that makes you feel alive and refreshed?  That feeling was actually what I strongly relied on when making this :o
Christopher-Sheppard's avatar
wow!, well you totally succeeded then! :)  for me, its the peaceful sense of silent alone-ness surrounded by snow.  I love how you were able to convey that feeling so clearly!
xaphanbeneelim's avatar
It's so gorgeous... it really is ! Tshe colors, the shape, what i feel looking at it !
Great job !
ChaosFissure's avatar
Thank you :D  I really love the colors and feeling as well, though it's probably because my mind was very strongly attached to the creation of this!  Out of curiosity, what do you feel when looking at it, if I may ask?
pettes's avatar
Ive been looking at this for like, 10 minutes, and I can't still tear my eyes away
ChaosFissure's avatar
Thank you :D  I'm glad that you enjoy it!  For the most part my art always wins any staring contests I have with it :lmao:
simply  amazing work :D
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