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Elemental Clash

Where fire meets water,
where land meets sea, 
the elements collide
and unleash great cataclysm.

Who dares to intervene in an engagement of such scale?  And who will emerge victorious, or will it merely be a Pyrrhic victory?

Apo + Chaotica

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I sat down and really observed this piece. At first, I saw creatures, all throughout the piece itself. And later, so many others..

The reds and blues contrast very well in this piece. And they serve to create a story, which the viewer can interpret in a seemingly..'infinite' amount of personal ways. And, I appreciate that

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This stands as one of my favorite pieces of artwork I've created. I actually have a large print of it in my living room.

I consider artwork like this a "fragment" - an unrefined idea that can be shaped in a story that needs some inspiration. I think artwork like this appeals to emotion rather than logic, which allows any number of ideas floating around in the mind to latch on parts of the artwork. Instead of telling a story itself, it leans on your mind to provide context, which makes it feel more personal.

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I do agree that this artwork appeals more to emotions ( due to the abstract nature itself ). Each viewer can observe the artwork and create personalize it with not only the 'story,' but also with an 'emotional connection' ( whereby observing the art brings up emotions to the surface ). I can see why it's your favorite

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Actually, it isn't my favorite :3 It ties for fourth (with Observer), but there are three pieces (Lament, Death and the Angel, Phaethic Escapade) that speak to me a bit more.

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Y'know how people used to think there were only 4 elements? Well, a few years ago, I came up with a scenario where they all technically exist. The point where a lava flow meets the sea. The lava would technically count as the "fire," the cooled and solidified lava is the "earth," the sea/ocean/[insert body of water name here] is the "water," and the steam from the lava meeting the water is the "air."

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this reminds me of Legend of Korra and Avatar The Last Airbender 
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wow it's beauitful
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esta genial OwO pero no tengo tantos points :,v
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woooww chaos, this is amazing! I can feel destruction in this artwork~ The colors are beautiful! I really love it!
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I like this one too!
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Wonderful!Fav fella (Badge) Success fella (Reactions) Applaud fella (Reactions)  Love
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Your work has been featured here.…
If you want it removed, please let me know.
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Thanks so beautiful.♥
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This is amazing. I would love to get a print too and I have never bought one before.
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Thank you!  I have a print size of this ready to be uploaded, I just need to get through with my move and start my new job before I want to worry about selling prints!
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Dude I just love your art work
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i love this bit of art can i pleas buy a copy so i can have it hanging on my wall at home ?
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I'll render it out in a print size once I have a dedicated computer to do rendering on :o
AnixDrakard's avatar
thank you 
im not big on art but i do love this one
RoyalKitness's avatar
Are you selling this on any sites where I could get a print of it?
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