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Dream Corridors

Keep the dreamers sleeping.  Let them enjoy their free thought, unrestricted by any bounds.  Just don't let them wake up.

Result from the stream on Sunday, with some final changes to framing and structure that I think look reasonably okay.  A few people showed up (I think no more than 8 at any given time though!), and I might have to do this more regularly if there's interest in it.

While I'm not happy with everything in this, I don't think that there's too much more that I'd be able to do with it for now.  I am ultra picky when it comes to space trying to use it as a streamed thing might not have been the best idea, even if the fractal wanted to do that XD

Apo + Chaotica

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wow! so cool!
looks like the birth of creation or something similar!
very well done!
tonya100's avatar
may I post this pic on my facebook?
ChaosFissure's avatar
No. You can link to it, but don't post the image itself.
tonya100's avatar
ReclusiveChicken's avatar
Are we the last dreamers?
ChaosFissure's avatar
Only if we're the last alien species around in the universe :o
ReclusiveChicken's avatar
Corporate blandness is everywhere.
prl05's avatar
This is mesmerizing! 
ScarletWarmth's avatar
Simply enchanting! I find it hypnotizing!
TED-MX's avatar
Sleeky, specular galaxies. Looks wonderful!
ChaosFissure's avatar
Thank you! Space is a fascinating thing...and I enjoy being able to explore it through artwork!
TED-MX's avatar
And that's why you're awesome ;-)
ChaosFissure's avatar
I wish I were that awesome XD
TED-MX's avatar
Oh come on, you are with wonderful artworks like these which we all love ! Llama Emoji-03 (Sparkles) [V1] 
dream-cup's avatar
Love this, I can almost hear the space frizzling in my ears when I look at it :)
ChaosFissure's avatar
Thank you :D Man, I need to make more of these things, even if they are challenging to present and detail appropriately...

/devil's advocate: There's no atmosphere in space to transmit sound! :o
dream-cup's avatar
True... but we only have a handful of senses, perhaps there is a sense we do not possess that can communicate the 'frizzling' energy of the universe in other ways :D
ChaosFissure's avatar
The sixth sense. With Bruce Willis, of course. :3
Dmytr0's avatar
Amazing ! Hypnotizing art !
Magnificent ... 
Duper's avatar
Ah, a cosmic synaptic map.
Very nice.

It does remind me of a synaptic mapping or a UV/X-ray filter on a nebula. :)
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