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Darker Ideas

By ChaosFissure
Apo + Chaotica
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Chaos never disappoint :D
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This looks like the end of an epic battle between light and darkness!:jedi::emplllama:
In this case the darkess champion, The dark Abyssal Pheonix has taken a fatal blow and is falling into the abyss where it came from, its blood is overflowing creating huge scarlet streams that engulfed its entire body and surroundings making the entire scene look like a galactic giant red sparkle fading away into non-existence! :skullbones:
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Yay! You're still around. :D

Of the last batch I saw I think this one is the best. The colors looks ominous, and the black tendrils coming out of that red area on the right look incredibly sinister. Whatever spaceship took this picture has most likely perished by now. :p

I also liked Firefight and Awaiting the Writer's Eraser but of those two the latter was the best because of the description, and to be honest it's because I felt a bit guilty. I've been that writer that has left SO many characters in that limbo Sweating a little... I'm not happy about it. Actually, making a whole story about the situation you wrote could be an interesting experience, a meta-story about a character being written by an author in the story. Heck, it could even be inside an old, forgotten videogame demo where the last pieces needed to finished it never had their collisions coded, so they are unattainable (a bit like Space Station Silicon Valley).
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Haha, I'm not dead yet XD

I find it really funny how stories sometimes emerge from artwork I make, but take on a different life than the artwork itself.  The Writer's Eraser is certainly one of those cases - the title just came into existence because the giant bright spot looked like a smudge, and the story that followed is a reflection on stories my mind generates and puts off for many months at times.  I figured it was an interesting take, and yeah I was interesting to see how people would respond to that :P

As much as I enjoy writing and trying to describe a world, I really need to get my mind in a mindset to do so.  My mind needs adequate time to wander and get back into those worlds, but I don't always allow it such freedom...even though I really would love to context switch back in the middle of where I left off.

That final link in there isn't working  :o
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Really nice textures and overall composition is awesome. That bush like thing is especially impressive.
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A very intriguing display!
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Absolutely fabulous.
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Gorgeous composition!
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